Mom in Recovery continued

Mom talks a little about growing up and what is important to her. Talks about the half sister she never knew.

Nana Kay

Nana Kay talks about her childhood life on an island and some of the experiences she has experienced throughout her life, like the first time she met me in the hospital.


In the video we are talking about my mom childhood and her advice in life.

“Live life, enjoy to the fullest. Don’t look back just go forward”

Rachel Hayimov interviews her mother Margarita Kholdarova. She learns about her moms childhood and the changes that came about in her life. It was a chance for Rachel to get to know her mom more and about her past. She...

Thanksgiving Interview

My mom shares her life from her childhood, and explains why it’s really important to be respectful to others and to appreciate the people around you.

Interview with Miriam Corona

We talked about her early life in Cuba and her life now in Miami, FL

Dreaming of America

He immigrated to America several times before being able to live here permanently. He is now able to tell his story and how it all affected his life tremendously.

Interview – My Mother’s Story

Talking about some of her struggles and happinesses in her life.

Interview with Grandma

I learned how my grandmother grew up and some of the most impactful memories she has.

Hello, Xander

We talked about things we’re grateful for and things we like about each other.

Learning From My Mom

My mom and I are close but in this interview I learned so much more. I learned how she thought of me just besides her interactions with me. Her life she has now makes up for what she wished for...


We talked about what’s important in a relationship, what’s been some of the happiest moments in our life, and what had been some of the hardest moments.

my lovely mother

This is an interview with my mom, a person that is very important to me. It is some questions about her job, family, and life where I gained a deeper understanding of her.

Interviewing Boyfriend #TheGreatListen

We talked about his passion for boxing, other stuff about his childhood, and lessons learned. #TheGreatListen @StoryCorps

My Mom’s Interview for The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom talks about her most cherished childhood memory, what she is grateful for, and a lesson she had learnt after immigrating to America.

Nikita Hartzheim and her grandfather Greg Kraft talk about his childhood and military experience.

In this interview conducted November 25, 2018 in Delavan, Wisconsin, Nikita Hartzheim(14) interviews her pappa, Greg Kraft(73) about his life including his childhood, marriage and his time in the navy. Mr.Kraft talks about how he remembers the air aids of...

Charlotte McCue talks about her childhood memories.

My mom, Charlotte McCue sits down with me to talk about her fondest childhood memories.

Jill Rice

I interviewed my mother to ask her about her reflections of life and the lessons she has learned over the years. She has been a mother for 20 years and has been through a lot. I conducted this interview at...

Interview with mamaw swallow

We talked about what she is grateful for and different Holliday questions.

Jake interviews mom

This was mostly about my mom and her past. This gave me the chance to ask her these questions