Michael Moore and Lou Saunders

Michael Moore (50) interviews his stepfather Louis "Lou" Saunders (90) about his upbringing, growing up during the Great Depression and the different roles he's occupied in his lifetime.

Life of an 82 year old

We talked about her life as a child and school. We talked about what her town was like and farming as well as a brief story about her time in the great depression

Mary Jean Stubblefield

Summary of wwii and the Great Depression

Growing up in Appalachia during the great depression: Thomas Holcomb

Tom Holcomb recounts tales of growing up during the great depression and serving in the Navy in World War II.

Interview with my grandfather

I asked my grandfather to tell me about his home town and childhood, as well as how his parents met and the time they were alive.

Talks with grandmother

Today I learned some information about my grandmother

Interview with GG

I talked to my great-grandmother about her growing up in the Great Depression

Thanksgiving Day Listen with Nanny

A great-granddaughter’s interview with her great-grandmother, a Rosie the Riveter

Interview Questions

This was an interview for my Social Studies class in 8th grade.

Interview with grandma re dating, wedding, honeymoon

Sora Frankel, born in 1919, recalls her first date, courtship, wedding and honeymoon in New York City in a conversation with her grandson.

Heritage with great Aunt C

Talking about family heritage and history with our Great Aunt Celia O'Malley. Our Aunt Celia was 98 years young at the time of the interview. She passed away on December 4, 2018.

My 100 Year Old Great Grandmother

I sit down with my great grandmother to have a conversation about life, difficulty, struggle, happiness, love and death. She has lived a long life and has many stories to tell.

Warren McCulloch Interview Chris Adams (UNT History 2685) March 17, 2019.

An interview with my grandpa about his experience growing up in the Great Depression and his Marine service during World War II.

Great Recession of 2008

This is a school Project that we are supposed to interview our parents, about the Great Recession of 2008