Poppop James Patrick Banholzer
February 24, 2017 App Interview

Poppop and us talked about a couple big parts of his life, including his childhood and experience in the military.

Interview with Blanche Hodde

Interview with Blanche Hodde about having parents who are immigrants, living during the Great Depression, working as a women and World War II.

My grandmas history

I asked my grandma multiple questions about her life and my parents life.

Early years in DC

Ken talks about his younger days as a boy in Washington, DC during WWII. He had various jobs before entering university then taking time off to travel the country.

Marion Hoyt (Grandma 82 yr) and Dan Higgins (Grandson 32 yr) in Grand Central Terminal, 2007 near Christmas.

Marion talks about her life, especially her younger years. A special story about Christmas, stories she would tell me as a kid (about her grandma). Her experiences as a home away from home for West Point Cadets. Grandma was the...

Thanksgiving Memories- NYC, 1930’s
October 14, 2018 App Interview

Talking about Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up during dinner tonight, my father just relayed this story about his childhood in Queens, NY

Jackie ONeil History

Grandma memories of growing the Great Depression and WW2. Memories of family

My grandfathers story during the Great Depression

My grandfather grew up in western Massachusetts during the Great Depression. He was the oldest of six kids and dropped out of school in 8th grade to take care of his family. He grew up in a small shack with...

History Interview

Interview with Jason Koff and Rose Koff

Great Depression

We talked about the Great Depression and how it affected my grandma and her family.

My great grandma tells her life story!

This is a audio interview of my 98 year old great grandma who was a nurse in ww2 giving me a synopsis on her life.


My name is Bode (16) and I conducted an interview with my great grandmother Joyce (87). We talked about many things including her childhood up until she became a parent. She talked about her life growing up on the farm


How she it was when she used to live with her family . & how it is when she’s living alone .

The life of Martha Rusk growing up during the impactful mid 1900’s.

During this interview with Martha Rusk on November 26th 2018 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Emma Stewart wanted to talk to her grandmother about her childhood and some historical memories she lived through. Martha explains many expirences,stories and lessons that helped...

Jane Pounds talks about her life growing up.
November 25, 2018 App Interview

In this interview we talk about my grandmother's life growing up, including World War II and the Great Depression.

Great Recession interview

It is about how my parents were affected and how people around them were affected

Living History Project

This is an interview that I did with my dad about the Great Recession for a history project.

Rebecca Streidel interviews her Nana is the Arts Club, Washington DC

In this interview, granddaughter Rebecca interviews her Nana, Charlotte about her life. Charlotte describes memories of being locked in her store while a riot was being protested. As her granddaughter listens attentively, she explains life in the Great Depression. She...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmas childhood and how she lived and some important moments in her life.

My grandfather and I discuss, growing up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, his time spent at a naval academy, and his life in AL.
November 25, 2018 App Interview

Today I spoke with my grandfather about his memories from the Great Depression, his time spent in the Navy, and the most impactful moment in his life. I learned so much through this experience and look forward to making more...