O’Connor Great Listen Assignment (part II)

My grandma and I talked about her childhood, her family, and about politics.

Interviewing Zeyda in Philadelphia

I interviewed my grandfather Zeyda. He is 82 and I am 17. We talked on November 26, 2023 in Pennsylvania about his Job, childhood, his parents, and grandparents.

Noah and Ron June

I am talking to my Grampa about his Mom and Dad. Then we speak on some regrets in his life.

Couch-talk 7/24/20

A casual conversation with my Grandmother Ruth Braun (a Depression Era kid) on the couch in her + husband Bruno’s home in rural Clare, MI. during a family gathering.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Mawmaw Murl 2017

Mawmaws is 92. I just let her talk about her life. She is amazing!

Caroline Whitcomb talks with her grandmother, Connie Gilmer

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama, Caroline Whitcomb (17) interviews her grandmother Connie Gilmer about growing up in Birmingham. Connie shares her stories on living through the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. She also...

Great Depression with Donald DeCessna

My grandfather and I discussed the cause and effects the of the Stock market crash in 1929.

Mary Rector will be talking about her life, family, events, and religion.

Mary was talking about the Great Depression and what a Depression baby is. She also told me a funny story when she had to take her Cello she rented all the way up 2 flights of stairs, then went in...

History of Paul Krout

Paul Krout talks about his childhood, experiences in the National Guard, and various jobs he had.

Interviewing my mom

I interviewed my mom and she told me about her experiences in life.

Bob Alpern interviewed by John Friedrich

John Friedrich (55) interviews his friend Bob Alpern (92) about his young adulthood in the years following WWII. He discusses living in Greenwich Village in New York City in the late 1940s and early 1950s, attending New York University, and...

interview with Dominick Paternoster

Mr. Paternoster is 100 years old and recalls old times such as the Great Depression and his military service in World War Two.

Depression Leads to War

Addison K. Groff, a retired minister who was born in 1919 in Rochester, NY, but spent most of his adolescence in Boonsboro, Maryland, is interviewed by his grandson, Edwin Groff on November 25, 2017. He lived through some of the...

John Interview with Grandfather

My grandfather grew up during the Great Depression and is of Greek heritage. In this he tells me how family history, where he grew up, what it was like during the Great Depression, the occupation of Germany, and many other...

The Great Depression

Mrs. Rios shares with us information about how was life before and after the Great Depression according to her past memories.

3 Generations Baking and Talking Together

Three generation of Winchell women chat about Camilla's early life and family history while baking Christmas cookies and watching a snowstorm.