Peanut & Dad

Dad, 51, and daughter, 17, discuss various questions about Dad’s life


In this interview I asked my mother a series of questions that involve her life in the past and questions that are also based on the future.

Profile project

he talks about going through his divorce and how that effected his childhood, he then details his baseball experience and how that was altered by a bad decision he made.

Thanksgiving Interview w/ Parent

I asked my mom if she would like to do an interview with me about her as a person and a couple of memories she’s experienced when growing up.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is an interview that I did with my grandma, Kathi Borges on December 3, 2019. It’s about her life and experiences.

Ariam Tecle and Samuel Tecle talk about childhood back in Eritrea.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019, Ariam Tecle interviews her father about his childhood and the people that have impacted his life. He also mentions the struggle of leaving Eritrea to come to America at a young age. He...

Me and my Dad talk about his life growing up Part 1

Part 1 of interview. We talked about his life growing up, his friends, high school, and his hobbies

Interview with my dad

I asked my dad about growing up and some of his memories.

The Voice of the Child of Divorce

A Francis Lewis student, Xiaoyu Lin (14) interviewed her cousin Josie Lin (27) about her past and childhood of her parents’ divorcement that impact her and shaped her identity. She is also trying to send out a message that this...

Entrevista con mi Tia Sonia

Una entrevista con mi Tía Sonia acerca de su vida, niñez, trabajo y escuela. Ella aconseja a los jóvenes que les echen ganas y siguen sus sueños.

Why is Anna Anna?

Gaby interviews sister, Anna, as she constantly laughs through the interview.

Grace Murphree and father John Murphree Discuss the Difference of Their Upbringings in Plano, Texas.

In this interview, a father and daughter talked about how their upbringings were different and similar by sharing their memories and opinions of the subject. In the total, the agreed on many ideas of how the US has changed and...

interview with helena

I talked to her about her life and growing up and her experiences. She told me about her hardships.

Interview with Cassandra Travieso

An Interview with my older sister, Cassandra.

Sharla Taylor and Dylan Taylor-Smith

Sharla Taylor (71) and her daughter, Dylan Taylor-Smith (33), talk about Sharla’s life experiences growing up on a farm in Denton Texas and her career in local radio and as a musician. They also discuss what it’s been like for...

Xavier McElrath-Bey and James Dold

Xavier McElrath-Bey (43) and James Dold (36) reflect on their childhood and the people that helped them become the men they are today.

Alan Stepakoff & Josh Stepakoff

“The last thing I wanted you to do was to be afraid of being Jewish.” Josh Stepakoff talks with his father, Alan, about surviving a shooting at a Jewish day camp when he was six years old. Produced by StoryCorps. This...

Growing Up in New York, Living in Texas

My Popi has lived in Texas for 40 years, but he grew up in snowy Upstate New York. That is very different than me.

My Grandmother, Juanita

My grandmother and I live very close to each other, but I learn even more about her and her country childhood in the interview.

Growing up

My interviewee is talking about how her childhood was and how she grew up.