Mark Workman and Lisa Love

Lisa Love (47) interviews her friend Mark Workman (59) about his upbringing, service in the Marine Corps, and life experiences.

Interviewing my grandma
November 26, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma and talk about life with her and her growing up and my dad/her son growing up

An interview with my Mom

Jennifer Saban - 45 being interviewed by Justin Saban - 14 Life story growing up in Canada and life now as a small business owner and mom of three kids

Roth and Ross: Two Strong Women

Ilene Roth (52) talks with her niece, Rachel Ross (13) about life.

Interview with my dad.

I sat down with my dad and talked about pretty much everything. From growing up, to marriage, to work, to life now!

Joan Mickle, reflecting on growing up in Liverpool during WWII.

Joan Mickle was born in Liverpool, England, before WWII and lived there through the war. Later, she moved to the US and now lives in Ross, CA. She has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Morgan Maynard – Storytelling Project

Morgan Maynard, 13 year old talks to his father about his professional career.

Emily Ruszkiewicz Interviews Jennifer Ruszkiewicz about Family

Emily Ruszkiewicz (15) interviews her mother Jennifer Ruszkiewicz (51) on June 5th, 2022 in East Troy Wisconsin. She asks her mom about growing up, her family, her goals. She also asked about love, her family’s personality’s and her home.

Skye talks about growing up

I interview Skye about her experiences growing up in an unstable household where she had to move around a lot in high school, almost joined the military, and eventually ended up at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Tammy Randall tells about her family and her life growing up

This interview was taken in Gastonia, North Carolina on November 26, 2017. Jessica Randall interviewed her mother Tammy Randall. They discussed Tammy's life growing up and her family. They also talked about her career and her happiest memories.

Keziah with her aunt Sondra

We talked about Aunt Sondra’s childhood and her pets as a child. We talked a little bit about her family. We also talked about her favorite thing to as she grew up.

Ryan Strack and Penelope Kim talk about her life and accomplishments

Ryan Strack and Penelope Kim discuss her formative years, her children, and her marriage to an Asian-american.

Ethnic Studies StoryCorp Interview Continued- Growing Up

It's about growing up and moving around to different places.

Words of Wisdom From Granny

In this interview, I asked my grandma some personal questions that helped me understand her and our family better.

Life of Ken Crews

Ken’s life successes, growing up and current life

That’s life…

My grandma really doesn’t really like people. We were interrupted by my aunt and cousin. That was when the audio stops

Interview with my Father

Amir Mustafa and his father Anwar Mustafa.

Father & Son

From Japan, Guam, the Phillipines and now America! Jaykob Garcia (13) interviews his father Sam Garcia (44). He describes his life from childhood to carrer as well as a full time job. He talks of those dear to him and...

Brody and Lily

In this interview we talked about how Brody grew up and what his life has been like.