The Great Thanksgiving Listen

A talk with a grandkid and his grandmother about growing up.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom and asked her questions about her coming to the United States and the traditions they brought.

A Conversation with Mimi

Mimi tells us about her early life, her family, and what has helped her to become who she is today.

Interview of Clint Davis

This is the interview of some of the major events that happen in Clint Davis’s life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is an interview that I did with my grandma, Kathi Borges on December 3, 2019. It’s about her life and experiences.

Mr. Satchwill

What it was like for Mr. satchwill to grow up.

Thanksgiving Day Interview

I sat down with my older sister, Annelise, over the course of her Thanksgiving break to ask some questions about her life, our family, and some of her accomplishments so far.

Parent interview

We talked about parent hood and growing up

My Mother’s Life Growing Up

In this recording, my mother and I talked about her life growing up. We also talked about the people who impacted it.

Learning about my families history with my Grandma
September 11, 2020 App Interview

In this interview conducted in Sep 2020, I interview my grandmother about her life and decades of experience. She shares about her childhood memories of playing with her sisters and her highschool issues with a somewhat unhappy relationship with friends...

Thanksgiving Interview (on mother)

In this interview between my mother and I we mostly spoke about memories in her life

The Great Listen

To talked to my grandpa about what it was like growing up, his parents, and the life in the military.

Gina’s Life

I ask Gina questions about her childhood leading up to her future plans.

Learning about Grammy

An interview about the childhood and home life of my Grandmother and the lessons she has learned throughout her life.

Caitlin Coder talks to her dad, Bill, about his childhood.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Sachse, Texas, Caitlin Coder (15) interviews her dad, Bill (38), about his childhood and his life as a teenager. He talks about how he viewed school and being a kid, and talks...

About my mother

This is an interview with my mother about her past, her memories, and her hopes and dreams for the future. It also includes a lot of similarities between our lives and conversation about things we have in common.

Keep going

Talking with my aunt about her life as a kid and her career.

Life Growing Up

This is an interview with my old next door neighbor who is like my grandma and built-in best friend. She talks about life growing up and important life lessons she’s learned.