The Great Listen

An interview with Jessica and William Maxson is held and they talk about their love and relationship story.

Interview! 2017

In this interview, my mom and I talked about life and her greatest memories

Thanksgiving Interview #SHSCOWBOYS

We talked about the highlights of life and the positive aspects of life.


We talked about questions I asked my sister

Sandra Interview

What was talked about was about Sandras life and main goals in life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about all things from childhood to today.

Patrick Conley and Gabriel Sotres

Patrick talks about his struggles of coming to peace with being gay.

Learning about my Mimi.

I learned lots of new things about my Mimi’s life. This was a great experience and I am so happy to now know more about her past! She informed me of memories of her childhood, parents, and grandparents. She told...

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his childhood and how he feels.

Emma and Sarah!!! Sarma!!!!

College friends reunite to talk about new experiences, aging, and life transitions.


We talked about Franci and a few of her experiences in her life. She’s such a cute and sweet lady that volunteers at my church.

Interview with my mother

Chase Hansen (14) and his mother Susan Hansen (46) have a conversation about life, happiness, and the importance of family.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I’m here asking my mom some questions. She thought they had to be answered very philosophically. She is the femal Plato of her generation.

The life of my grandma

This spanish interview is about how my grandmother lived her life when she was younger. The difficulties she faced was money wise. In order to have money she started working at a young age.

Interview with my aunt

We discussed a few questions about her life, for example memories she treasured and how she would like to be remembered. Sitting and talking with a loved one is always the best way to bond, no matter what you talk...