Thomas interviews Brodie 2018

Brodie is asked about his personal beliefs and experiences

How religion affectes your life.

Taking to a friends about how religion has affected her life.

Rocklin High 25 year anniversary

Family at Rocklin high school, and how it impacted him

Dynasty Perez Interviews Her Dad Mike Perez Jr.

This interview is about my father’s experiences in school and life (what he can remember).

Rosie 2!

I interviewed Rosie about her childhood, schooling, and her occupation.

One person who has signifiantly impacted your public school educational career.

I interviewed my math teacher over the past 3 years. We went over his high school and life experience.

My Little Brother

My first interview with my little brother, Giovanni Duran Nava.

Your Legacy

Abby wants to be remembered by her positive spirit. She looks up to her role models and aspires to continue their legacy as well.

#1 homie

My best friend and I have many deep talks, but this is the one I like most.

I made the her a puzzle but it was too hard so I had to help a little.
November 28, 2017 App Interview

This is an interview by a daughter asking her dad questions to know about his past. For example question were asked about his childhood and where he live which was Philadelphia and had both grandparents living near by. I wanted...

Nicki Stephen and her uncle talk about teenage years in high school.

In this interview, conducted on November 24th 2016 in New Hyde Park, New York, Nicki Stephen (16) interviews her uncle Felix Stephen (36) about his teenage years in high school. Felix Stephen shares stories about his experience in high school,...

English 3 project

Found out things that i didn’t know about mr T

Mr. Nolasco

Chicano teacher tells his upbringings, views on life, and experience as a teacher