The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Jessica talked about her childhood and some of her favorite things to do

Hannah and Mr. Truong

Hannah and Mr. Truong have a conversation at the end of Hannah's junior year of high school.

Interview with Dad.

Interview with dad about school, jrotc, and his job as an engineer.

Liam talks about the Past, Present, and Future

I interview liam on his views of the future and what he remembers of the past

Mara and Scott

over the hardships of life boot camp, the military, and police department.

Psychology Interview

We talked about the interviewees past and future and how they reflect on what they’ve experienced. As well as how they wish their future to be.

Jack Mattimore and Andy Horvath 1

Jack Mattimore conversing with Andy Horvath

Ally Pfeiffer and Jeffrey Pfeiffer discuss his childhood education.

Ally interviewed her dad over his childhood education. We also touched on areas of awards, jobs, and school in today’s time.

Em & Jas <3

We did this interview for our Sociology project :)

Speech -Interview Talk

This speech is between Olivia Grisch and Greg Weir for a Speech Class project.

The first day of school

I interviewed my fellow classmate, Jason who is a junior in New York City College Of Technology and his experience of his first day in this college and how it is different from high school.

a talk with my dad about his experience in high school

This is a story about my dads senior year in high school. It is quite different to what I am experiencing, but sounds like an absolute blast.