From one pandemic to the next.
February 12, 2021 App Interview

Amy MacDonald (50) interviews her father William MacDonald (72) about death of two of their ancestors during the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic, and how the grief of losing two young children was woven through the fabric of 4 generations. As...

Family History: Tracing Back with Sophie and Linda

Sophie Haward interviewed her mum Linda Haward about family history in New Hope, PA. They discuss both sides of our family and their origins. One, in Eastern Europe, who journeyed to England in the Victorian era after religious discrimination. They...

The Life of an Anchor Baby
November 14, 2019 App Interview

Edgar and I talk about how it's like to live in America

Mary Farrell and Collinn Tran

[Recorded: Friday, February 17, 2023] Mary (70) and Collinn (18) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Mary is a liberal Catholic and a mother of three from Massachusetts while Collinn is a first-generation student at the University...

Mutale Bingley and Margaret Chisanga

Mutale Bingley (40) speaks with her mother, Margaret Chisanga (72), about their lives. Mutale had a dream of being an American at age 12 in Zambia. Today she and her mom are both American citizens.


My father was recently diagnosed with symptoms presenting as Lewy body dementia or Parkinson’s disease. My family hosted him for a week in our home outside of Philadelphia, PA where he grew up as a kid. He now lives in...

Discovering Family History with Donna West

Donna talks about her relationship with her parents and how it had influenced her as a person. Later, she tells a story about a trip she took in 2014 to discover her grandmother's life in Germany prior to making a...

Ellie Mahlis and her father, Emmanuel Mahlis, talk about growing up as a Greek immigrant who came to America

In this interview, conducted on New Year’s Day of 2020, Ellie Mahlis (14) interviews her father, Emmanuel Mahlis (59), about being a Greek immigrant and coming to America to start a new life. Dr. Mahlis shares experiences and stories he...

Jameson Interviews Tricia about Lena Teinila, Her Mother's Unsolved Murder, Rejection, and Reconciliation

Jameson O'Neal talks with his mother, Tricia O'Neal, about her mother, Lena Teinila, as well as several other family members. Jameson and Tricia discuss rejection, reconciliation, and how those life lessons come full circle. Lena Teinila's homicide is the only...

Damellys Sacriste and Lida Hawkins

Damellys Sacriste (50) le entrevista a su madre, Lida Hawkins [edad retenida] sobre su infancia y familia, su esposo y como se fueron conociendo, y sobre la situación política en Venezuela cuando vivía allí. [Damellys Sacriste (50) interviews her mother,...

Interview with Carrie Bennetti

I interviewed my grandmother Carrie. We talked about different parts of her life and different people in her life.

Interview with Seth Chapman

In this interview, conducted on December 4, 2019 in Vestavia Alabama, Sarah Chapman(17) interviews her dad, Seth Chapman(55) about her childhood and his experiences as a young person. He shares his family history discussing his parents origins and his immigrant...

Tara Dhungana's Food Story

Former Bhutanese refugee Tara Dhungana discusses his food culture and the challenges of adapting to available foods and cooking practices in the U.S. This interview is part of Westerville Public Library's Westerville Voices project.

Interview with Barbara McDaniel

This interview was talked about my grandfather and how he got to this country. My grandmother and how she got to this country and a little bit about my mom.

GK Do and Anne Etten

[Recorded: Wednesday, February 9th, 2022] Separated by age and differences in how they grew up, GK Do and Anne Etten come together and realize they have more in common than they ever expected.

The first day of school

My name is Daniel and I shared my story with Steven. I wrote a story about how I came to America and my first day school experience.

Laarni Power, Crystal Brayboy, & Brigit Reynolds

Laarni and Crystal from Providence Alaska Medical Center work with Brigit from Catholic Social Services on a program to help new immigrants and refugees get assimilated into their new lives in the US. These programs helps provide housing, job training,...

Lillian Thompson’s Story Part 1

Lillian Thompson , age 101, is being interviewed by her daughter, Linda Smith. Lillian is talking about her Norwegian immigrant parents and her life growing up on a farm during the dust bowl and Great Depression.

Michelle Wheeler and Jocelyn Becerra

Colleagues and friends Michelle Wheeler (40) and Jocelyn Becerra (24) talk about their nursing careers and working together as school nurses.

Common Ground Tacony: Janice Monzo-Perry

This week I interview my cousin Janice Monzo who is originally from South Philadelphia 5th & Dudley Sts, but worked all over the city with the Salvation Army for 34 years. While working for the Salvation Army Janice's job was...