My Colleague

In dedication to women’s history month, we’re memorializing women close to our hearts that have provide us with strength and courage.

LHP Recording

I interviewed my mother on her immigration.

Cruzando la frontera en 1987, la historia de Ofelia.

Esta es la historia de una mujer fuerte que tiene muchas ganas para tiene una mejor vida. Ofelia es una mujer libre de ser pobre y ahora vive sin preocupaciones.

Ilona Nanay and her mom, Julia, talk about life and surviving 2020

Ilona Nanay (31) talks with her mom, Julia Nanay (69), about her experiences fleeing Hungary, growing up in the United States, and living through a global pandemic. Julia shares how difficult it was for her family to start over in...

What don't we know about Trump's family separation policy?

In the Fall of 2017 -- about seven months before it was widely reported by the media -- a quiet pilot program began in El Paso to separate 'older' children from their parents at the Border. Once it became public,...

Iran to America, the Journey

Zahra Khonsari speaks about her family’s immigration from Iran to the United States.

Dad life interview

Interviewed father about his life: immigrating to the US, working, his children and where he has lived.

Interview With My Father

My father talks about the differences between China and America. He also talks about his experience as a first-generation immigrant.

New immigrants

My mother, Lkhagvasuren dash sharing her experience of what she went through when we first came to the untied states.

Dad immigrates to Milwaukee

My dad explains what immigration was like for him and his family.

R. John Bache Family History

In this interview John Bache reflects on his parents’ immigration story and the foundation of his family, his childhood in Los Angeles, his professional life, the influence of others, and the impact he has had on others.

Harriet Sternlicht

Stories from the Krishkayutschgaya and Resnitszky and Gutemann Families departing their homeland and arriving in the Us


interviewing my dad about his life in America and Vietnam

Farm in Greece to McDonalds in America this is : Dinos life

My dads journey from his small Greek Village to the Big city of Chicago

Viggo Interviews Marianna

Viggo Interviews Marianna about her experience immigration to the United States.

Dick Man and Isabella Man

Dick Man talks with his granddaughter, Isabella Man, about his life after leaving China.

Immigrant interview

This is the interview with Alyssa Carter and Alexandra Bannigan (Sarah Spalding)