Oral History

My mother, Lupe, discusses what it was like growing up as a first-generation Mexican American.

History Podcast

Samantha chats with Aileen Murphy who is an Irish immigrant, Aileen gives facts and information about her life growing up and coming to America

Interview With My Step Grandmother.

I am interviewing my step grandmother for a school project.


Just a good ol’ interview with Cailey

Thanksgiving interview with Gloria Rothenberger

We talked about when she was younger and some of her favorite memories of when she was younger and now

Relationships project with my Grandma

I interview my Grandma on her life and on advice for me and my possible future children

Class Practice

Me and Kaleyah talked about her answers to my questions . I basically got the chance to get to know her .

Trevone Sutherland Interview

We have talked about Trevone’s life and some important times and memories.

Interview with Mike Lupo

For our class assignment to interview someone over the age of sixty, I interviewed my dad to learn more about his childhood and how creativity has played a role in his life.

Remembering November 22, 1963

On November 22, 1963, JFK was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas. The world was in tears in reaction to his assasination, and the day is still remembered as a day of mourning for the death...

Interviewing my Grandma, Barbara Wiedlin, in the kitchen of her house.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

General question and answer. Mostly about her life growing up and a story. We talked about how much me meant to eachother and the impact on eachother’s lives.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Today I interviewed my mom, Beth McClellen. I asked her questions about her childhood and about present day topics.

Short Interview with Kelly

I wanted to try this app, and although I recoreded it in a loud classroom, it was fun!

Kevin Knacke 10/28/2017

My dad answers questions about his life, and gives some insight about what he’s learned over the years.

Narrative Interview

I interviewed my dad about his college life and the failures and lessons learned.