My Uncle Joe

This is an interview with my Uncle Joe.

Thanksgiving interview

We talked of my fathers past and how he came into this country. We also talked about fatherhood and me as a child. I asked him a total of 14 questions

Brogan & Emma
December 9, 2021 App Interview

Emma interviews Brogan about his self made lawn business.

Storytelling assignment

Interviewing my mother about our lives together

Dads interview

How events in my dad's childhood influenced him

Interviewing mom

I am interviewing my mother about what her childhood was like.


We spoke about how much he enjoyed childhood and how he loved sports

Interview With Grandma Toby

talking to my grandma and learning stories about her life

Fun time with tanner
November 18, 2021 App Interview

Tanner talks to james about school challenges and life

Interview with Professor Shaw.

This interview was conducted for a philosophy class discussing the idea of self and freedom.

Interview with Rachel Velasco

This is an interview that gets to go behind the scenes of my grandmother’s life and understand what historical events that may have effected her before and even now.

Literacy Analysis

Our journey in expanding our literacy analysis.

Interview at petaling street

interview at petaling street with a hawker

Who Has Inspired me?

Bonner Leader Scholar's Interview (Who has Inspired You?)