Interview with my Mom :D

What my mom’s past was like and how she feels about me

Full Sail Interview 4

Interview between my Son and I. Talked about his future


interview for communications

Immigration Interview

Laura moved to America from Uruguay, and in this video she tells us all about it.

StoryCorps listening challenge assignment

Mariah slaughter interviewing Jessica Buckler about her role as a Commerical Loan Assistant.

Trisha Naurang – Interview for Music

This interview is about my mothers life between the age of 0-31 and how it has changed.

Interviewing my dad

I asked my dad 9 questions and these are his responses.

Class Practice

Me and Kaleyah talked about her answers to my questions . I basically got the chance to get to know her .

History final semester 1
December 5, 2019 App Interview

I talk with my mom about her life.

Mothers Memory

For my StoryCorps interview, I decided to interview my mom, Ginny Campbell. I decided to interview my mom due to her being the only elder in my family to grow up in Vestavia as I did, thus creating a viewpoint...

History interview

My Mom and I talked about her world views and her past relating to historical event, that happened in her generation.

Life of Josh Chetram

Josh talks about his life, his goals, and many values he has learned on the way to becoming who he is today.