Interview with my Mom

This is where me and my mom just talk about her life and what it was like raising me and being apart of our family.

A Twist on a Proposal

In November of 2018, 14 year old Isabella Orlando interviewed her mom, Mandana Orlando in Sherman Oaks, California. The stories all take place in Santa Monica in the 1990’s. Isabella asks about everything, from how she met and fell in...

Recalling my mother’s childhood and her experiences with parenthood

A interview with my mother in which she talks about her child hood and her children.

Thanksgiving Listen… part 3

In this interview with my grandpa Gar, we talked about his life starting from childhood to now, and everything important in between. (My interview kicked me out 4 times so I have 4 different interviews, but I am turning in...

Mom in Recovery continued

Mom talks a little about growing up and what is important to her. Talks about the half sister she never knew.

You’re going to try some things and mess up. You have to learn from your mistakes

I talk to my mom about some things I’ve wanted to know her opinion on and wanted to get a clear view of what she’s thinking of for the future. Also a way to get to know my mom just...

The Perspectives of a 6th Grader

I talked to my daughter Sara about people and memorable events s in her life.


My dad gives incredible stories about his childhood and what he feels is most important to him. An all around great interview

Yesmin Anguiano and Rosa Anguiano

My aunt and I had a conversation where I asked her questions about her past, present, and what she aspires for her future. Her mom and kids were the main subjects.

Almost Six-Year-Old Perspectives

I interviewed my almost six-year-old son. I teach high school English and assigned “The Great Thanksgiving Listen” to my juniors so I also wanted to participate. Hearing from elders is amazing. So is hearing from almost-six-year olds.

Questions for Raja

Raja is put on the spot in a sort of rapid fire interview setting. He prevails and answers honestly!

Sammy Finn and Kristen Finn talking about Kristen’s childhood, her kids, and life before and after having kids.

Sammy Finn interviews Kristen Finn on November 26, 2017 in their house, Manhattan Beach, California. They talk about Kristen as a child, her growing up with 3 sisters and divorced parents, her most difficult, happiest, and dumbest moments, her work...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I, Teagan McKay, spoke to my GGMA about her time in the Navy and then her lifelong education. She told me all about her life.

Ray Friedrich

In this interview, conducted on November 26th in WDM, Iowa, Ray Friedrich talks about growing up in Iowa, his line of work, his marriage and kids, and his overall life

Interviewing my mom about her life

We talked about my moms life before and after she had kids.

R. Bui

I asked Mrs. Blake about her proudest life moments and she talked about how happy and grateful she was for her grandkids and kids.