My Mother

Her life, what has happened, and how she has felt throughout it.

“Be the best you, you can be.”

For “The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019”, Namira Asif who is is 16 years old interviews her mother Farhana Sultana In Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Farhana speaks about what it was like growing up in Bangladesh with her 4 siblings...

Mom in Recovery continued

Mom talks a little about growing up and what is important to her. Talks about the half sister she never knew.

Years gone by, an interview with daughter number 4.

An interview with my Mom, MaryAnn. Short story about meeting my dad, the jobs she has had, inspiring words, and a story about finding a dead man.

Father’s immigration Story

America didn’t live up to they hype he was expecting but he was none the less able to complete his dreams and now have new dreams to fullfil

Bruce and I

This interview is about my father, and basically how he would like to be remembered and what he values.

My silly interview with Grover and McAllister!

I asked them questions about themselves, what makes them happy & school!