A talk with my mom

I talked with my mom about me and my siblings and also about our family

Carson Cox and Gina Cox, Love is patience love is kind

Carson Cox was doing the interviewing. While Gina Cox did the answering. Gina is my mom. Our conversation consisted of what does love mean to her. Our conversation were based around falling in love, religion and love, and challenges with...

Allison Breski Thanksgiving Interview

My grandma and I talked about her childhood, her marriage, and her relatives. We also talked about what raising my dad was like and how his childhood played out.

Talking Greekness, Parenthood, and an Interracial Future

I interviewed my father, Vasilios Vikatos, on his upbringing in America as a Greek immigrant, raising his children as equals, marrying a Korean woman and having mixed children, measures of success, and the costs and benefits of a culturally, ethnically...

Interview with my Mom: Maria Patricia Carmona Godinez

In this interview with my mother, she discusses her life story. In Spanish she touches upon how living in Mexico was, how her life had fallen apart and needed to rebuild it so that she could provide to het family.

Recalling my mother’s childhood and her experiences with parenthood

A interview with my mother in which she talks about her child hood and her children.

Interviewing my mom
September 21, 2023 App Interview

I(14) interview my mom(42) about multiple different topics. Topics such as her happiest moment, the day I was born, and more.

I interviewed a family friend

On November 30th 2019, Frederick Douglass Mccuiston the 4th inviewed Mr. Ed. @20:14. During the interview, Frederick Douglass McCuiston the 4th learned that he had alot in common with Mr.Ed. They both had the same hobbies and both played the...

My Mother

Her life, what has happened, and how she has felt throughout it.

Shay McLean

This interview is of my 46 year old mother Shay McLean. She originally grew up in Glendora, California, but has lived here in Henderson, Nevada for the last 10 years or so. She is a special education teacher for CCSD....

StoryCorps Interview

Throughout the interview we discussed my dads childhood and how it’s shaped him today. He grew up with parents who where immigrants from Italy, they where hardworking and loving people who had 4 children, the youngest being my dad. He...

Father and Son Interview

Just a father and son exchanging ideas.


Talking about highschool and childhood.

Love said through food

She is a 1st generation Mexican in the US figuring out her love language and future. Food is the biggest thing in her life for many reasons but the biggest reason is love. (Interview ends at 41 minutes. The recording...

Olivia Lario interview – 7 year old perspective

Olivia is a typical 7 year old who loves to climb trees and play with friends.

Interview with my mom

Over thanksgiving break I sat down and interviewed my mom Laura Wyatt. We talked about many things. We took a look into her childhood and high school years and she shared some of her favorite memories. We also talked about...

Sammy Finn and Kristen Finn talking about Kristen’s childhood, her kids, and life before and after having kids.

Sammy Finn interviews Kristen Finn on November 26, 2017 in their house, Manhattan Beach, California. They talk about Kristen as a child, her growing up with 3 sisters and divorced parents, her most difficult, happiest, and dumbest moments, her work...