Interview with Sam Payne

Lilly Kraemer interviewing with Sam Payne in New Jersey, on January 11th, 2020. Sam was a helicopter pilot and a fixed wing pilot for many years. He served in the Korean war for the United States Army for 16 months...

instilling discipline

The last place Louis Bourassa and his family imagined he would go was the military. Grace Bourassa, age 14, sits down with her dad, Louis Bourassa, on November 14, 2018, in Valley Village, California. She asks about the Marines and...

Grandma Jean Mowrer

Today we talked about some important parts of my Grandmothers life and how how her life was.

Korean War Interview

We talked about why he decided to fight in the U.S. army. We also talked a lot about his experiences during the span of the war.

The Korean War: A citizen’s story

I discuss with my grandmother about her life as a child during the Korean War, and her family's experiences durijg the time period.

The Korean War

The Korean War in the point of view of a South Korean soldier

Ms.Noe Interview by Leah Dixon

I interviewed Ms.Noe and my Dad and learned about something’s.

Memories of a teenager in war time and an ancestor of the pilgrims at Thanksgiving

I interviewed my 87 year old grandfather at Thanksgiving, right after the birth of my daughter - his first great grandchild. We discussed his memories of volunteering as a teenager in World War II efforts on the home front, his...

Marry Arnould and her grandson, Ian Wickham, discuss life during and after the Great Depression.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Flint, Michigan, Ian Wickham (16) interviews his grandmother, Marry Arnould (83). They discuss how important traditions, family and her Flint heritage are to her. Mrs. Arnould also talks about what it was...

"Can you tell me about someone you'll always remember?"

I (Caden Kang, age 14), sat down on Thanksgiving with my grandpa (Tom Kang, age 78), who shared stories about my great-uncle and himself in Korean, and my dad (Kenneth Kang, age 46), who translated the interview between us. My...

What the old man had to say.

I Tyler Gleason talked with my Grandfather Jim Gleason on how his life was and a lot about who he was. We got to talk about sad topics such as his grandfather and also happy topics like him going to...

A thanksgiving interview with my Grandma Joan.

My Grandma tells me her story from elementary school to being a parent of four. She also talks about her old relatives who first came to America. She also talks about how she loves all her children the same.

History recording with my father

My father and I rescued the biggest accomplishments and memories in his life as well as his historical involvement

FHP Haley Macierowski

We talked about my family and our immigration to America. We also talked about my Papa’s life growing up in the 1900s.

Betty and Paul Price

I interviewed my grandparents, Betty and Paul Price. We talked about how they met and what it was like where they grew up. They told me all about teen clubs and how different things cost back in the day. I...

Why PaPa became a pastor

My grandmother Bopie telling the story of why we husband became a pastor instead of a neurosurgeon

Coming to California

Estrelita Andres talked about her family history and how she came here to California. She also talked about her siblings, parents, and her children. She mentions about her sickness, lung cancer, and she got it from being 2nd hand smoke...