Baek SUK talks about his experience before the Korean War, during the Korean War and after the Korean War.

Joan Fulcher and grandchildren Justin Whitlock, Jami Hickey

Justin Whitlock: 2022-05-08 18:14:38 Joan Fulcher (84) talks with her eldest grandchildren Justin Whitlock (41) and Jami Hickey (39) about her childhood in Savannah GA, her friendship with the their paternal grandmother in High School, meeting their grandfather and raising...

“If I die in a combat zone, just put me in a box and send me home.”

Have you ever wondered what being in a war was like? On December 19, 2019, 15-year-old Jack Goetz sits down with his 87 year old grandpa Bill Parker in the wonderful city of Beckley, West Virginia to talk about his...

A Grandfather With Much to Tell (Heritage Project AOT)

My grandpa, age 81, tells stories about growing up in the country, travelling the world, and learning and loving with his family. (Note: Photo is from when the recorder was much younger)


His parents, childhood, and army

Albert Lim, David Lim, and Toby Lim

The story of a Korean man and a journey with his family to America from a war at home. David Lim was interviewed on January 7th in Porter Ranch where he talks about his experience of the Korean War in...

Jack Hooker, Korean War veteran, talks about his experiences during the war (part 1 of 2)

In this interview, conducted on the Mountain View Ranch outside of Ovando, MT, in November 2019, Karen Hooker interviews Jack Hooker about his Korean War experiences. He tells stories about arriving in Vietnam and the boat trip to Korea, his...

Jane Clemmer shares about her childhood, love of her life, motherhood, and words of wisdom for future generations.

Jane Clemmer shares about being the only girl growing up, blind dates that turn into life long marriages, and the importance of family and friends. Stories about her children and grandchild are not only meaningful, but delightful.

Bridget Doody interviewing her grandmother, Mary Doody, about her childhood in Ireland and immigration to America.

Bridget Doody, 16 years old, interviewing her 93 year old grandmother, Mary Doody. The interview was conducted November 23, 2017 on Thanksgiving at Bridget's aunt's house (Mary's daughter's house). Mary talks about her childhood in Ireland. As a teenager, she...

Building Bridges: Ms. Ammati

Ms. Amati talks about how she was a social worker and helped many people. She also talks about how her parents always taught her to always be thankful and how people do not owe you anything you always be thankful....

Interview with my grandfather about his life

William McGrath describes his childhood and young adult life

Suzanne Kovic

From the start, we talked about family history and immigration. From there, her relationships with family members bled into her experiences and views of different presidential administrations. The Vietnam war had a large impact on her family, seeing that her...

Troy’s Grandfather

Troy talks about his grandfather and the relationship he had with him.

Grandma Again
November 28, 2019 App Interview

Recorded Nov 28, 2019. A second interview with my grandma. Talk about her childhood with divorced parents, her experience with the wars, and her life as a wife.

Chinese immigration

I examined with my father’s family history and how it affected him growing up. Despite the discrimination and poverty, my father’s hard work and his relationship with God will helped him in the long run.

Charlie Kirk talks about his neatly 50 years in the development of the modern computer at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusett

This interview was conducted on April 22, 2018 in Acton, Massachusetts. Brennan McCabe (16) interviewed Charlie Kirk (90). Charlie briefly mentioned that he served in World War 2 in Europe, after which he attended Tufts University in Medford, MA. He...

Sicilian Grandfather

This interview was about Joseph Cardinale’s childhood, and professions. He worked as a ceramics teacher, Actor, as a butcher, and was also in the navy during the Korean War on the U.S.S. Iowa.

War Stories of Andy Erickson

Andy talks about his traumatic childhood, living in Liverpool, England, during bombing of WW2. Then he talks about his experience in the Korean War.