Augustin Ntabaganyimana and Jason Crislip

Jason Crislip (42) interviews his friend, Augustin Ntabaganyiama (39), about his life in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, being a refugee in the United States, his road to becoming a State Refugee Coordinator, and the people who helped...


I interviewed my sister and we talked about some of her lessons and favorite memories.

Great thanksgiving listen

Gary and I sat down and talked about some of the things that shaped his life. He confided in me how he behaved as a child and the lessons he was able to learn as a result of that.

In the Mind of Brian Kraemer

Brian talked about his ambitions, lessons he's learned and what he wants his future to me. At 11 years old, the kid has his act together.

Hank Hood- How To Find a Bee Tree
September 16, 2022 App Interview

Lilly Foster (19) interviews her grandfather Hank Hood (82) in his home. Hank talks about his parents Alice Mariette Brown and Melville Sidney Hood, discussing what they taught him. He also talks about his great uncle Claire Brown who showed...

Father and son thanksgiving interview
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Son interviews his father asking him about life growing up, important lessons, and how he got where he is today.

Great Thanksgiving listen

In this interview we talked about my mother’s early life along with some stories of present day. We also get to hear about some of her life lessons.

Interview with my dad

My father talks about his life, childhood, and the challenges he has had to overcome and the experiences he’s lived through.

grandma anna’s life history
November 28, 2022 App Interview

i, anna o’brien, got to interview my grandma, who is also named anna today. i asked questions about her life history, her childhood, and her family that i never got to meet. i really enjoyed hearing stories i never would’ve...

Interview with my grandmother

I asked my grandmother about lessons she learned in her youth and how they affected her, as well as who had a big influence on her as a child and young adult.

Nani’s interview

We talked about events that have shaped her life and things she is grateful for.

Interviewing my wonderful mom

I am stella(16) interviewing my mom. We discussed the important people in her life and what she had learned from them. We also talked about our family and I was able to learn about the traditions our family takes part...

Interviewing my mom- The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom and I talk about her childhood and the lessons she has learned as she has grown up.

Interview With Grandfather

What was life like growing up, how he wants to be remembered, life lessons.

Interview with Natalia and Sarayu

Talking to my friends about childhood memories and spiritually

Interview with Artrena Davis
November 23, 2017 App Interview

In this interview I learned more about my grandma and how she grew up.

Jordan McCann and her friend Michael Bonaparte discuss his life growing up and his Navy service in the Persian Gulf War
November 27, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, which took place on November 26th, 2017, in Niskayuna, New York, Jordan McCann (16) interviews her mother’s boyfriend, Michael Bonaparte (50), about his life growing up and his service in the U.S. Navy during the Persian Gulf...

“It’s a classic…”

I got to interview my brother, Ashton. We had conversations on his childhood, school systems, parents, funny and scary stories, nicknames, inspirational people, and football.

Andrew Altman interviews his Grampa in Atlanta Georgia
November 18, 2022 App Interview

In this interview I talked to my beloved grandfather. We talk about important lessons, his thoughts on current events, and beliefs. I had a great time talking to my grandfather.

Lydia Begag interviews her teacher, Christina Jagielski, about her life and its events.

I sat down with my Sustanibility teacher, Ms. Jagielski. She first spoke about her personal family relationships and heritage. These relationships impacted her throughout her life and paved the way for lessons and other events in high school and college...

Bailey Barden interviews her mother, Felicia Sabatelli, asking questions about her life in their home in Port Jefferson, New York

In this interview, conducted November 29, 2022, in Port Jefferson, New York, Bailey Barden (13) interviews her mother, Felicia Sabatelli(53) about her life. Mrs.Sabatelli answers questions about her life. The questions vary from childhood memories to more recent ones. At...