StoryCorps Project- Life Experience Interview- Mom- Spanish

The interview consists of my mom talking about how shes learned from life and what is important to, plus her advice to herself in the past and to someone raising a child.

Passion in Life and Teaching

Carol and I talked about her passion for teaching. We also talked about how important it is to follow your own passion in life.

Thanksgiving interview with Mom

Today we talked about life lessons and what we value most in life. We took it back to my moms childhood and came full circle to today and how she would like to be remembered.

Scott & Pooja on failure and the lessons we learn.
February 13, 2018 App Interview

Scott & Pooja talk about how Pooja tried to get into NCSSM and was ultimately unsuccessful and what she learned from that experience.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmother spoke to me about someone who has had a impact on her life, how her life turned out different than she imagined, and anything specific she wanted to say to me if this was our final conversation.

A long conversation with my grandpa by his favorite grand daughter

Hi, my name is crystal Avelar. My grandpa and I had a long conversation about everything and anything. He was talking to me about all his memories and his favorite times growing up.

interview with my dad

Phoebe Scheier is 15 years old and she is interviewing her father Erik Scheier. They talked about the sports Erik did when he was younger and how they affected them.

Interview with Winton

Winton talks about his experiences traveling around the world

A Father Son Talk

A son interviews his father about his life experiences and how pride, lessons, reflection, legacy, and advice all shaped and guided him to success. The conversation is filled with numerous valuable takeaways that can be applied by anyone. As well...

Mimi’s Interview/ TheGreatListen

Worst thing you did as a kid and Most important life lesson

Narrative Interview

Interview about my dad and his story’s in life


Life Lessons, advice and other shenanigans.

Shankar Reflections

Govind Shankar and I discussed his past, his childhood experiences, and lessons he has learned in his life.

Story Corps Interview

We talked about where my grandparents are from and how they grew up. We also talked about how life works and the lessons you will learn.

My best friend

Me and my best friend Delaney talking about our friendship and time together

Interview with Dede (Carol Apger)

Dede is my paternal grandmother who lives in Ohio. She comes from a family of eight and has lessons that need to be shared.

The Thanksgiving break interview

This was interview with my mom. I interviewed her on questions based on lessons she has learned and different things in life that has happened to her.

Isabelle Brooms Interviews Anna Dickson on her life.

Interviewing Anna Dickson was a pleasure. Hearing about her thoughts on life and how she views the challenges she has been through were eye opening. I loved getting to know her more, and I learned a lot about her.

What I’ve Come to Know w/Tom Chamberlain

Tom Chamberlain shares his experiences, stories, and lessons that’s he’s learned throughout life

Hailey and Maathir November 30, 2023

Me and Maathir are both freshman at UNL. We discussed life, religion, and growth throughout the interview.

My Mom and Hero, Tracey

In this interview, we discussed life lessons, words of wisdom, and untapped childhood memories.