My Neighbor

We talked about that pain, lessons, and finding happiness.

Interview with Dad – Amra Seferovic

We briefly talked about his life and what it was like. We also talked about his experiences and how he has learned from them. The person in the picture is my brother, Amar (18).

Psy 230 Essay 3

We talked about the life lessons she had learned throughout her life. We talked about how it has impacted how she is as a person today.

Psych 230 Interview

I interviewed my dad for this recording. He provided a lot of information about his life that I didn’t know before the interview.

My grandma’s life on the farm

I’ve always loved listening to stories about my grandma’s life and how she lived on her farm growing up. Along with three brothers, life was pretty hectic. However, she wouldn’t have traded what she learned or experienced for anything.

June 10th 2018 Interview

My grandfather and I talked about his childhood and some difficult times he went through

Interview with my Step Mother @StoryCorps #TheGreatListen

We talked about career, family, and lessons learned. @StoryCorps #TheGreatListen

The Life of Stevie Ray Dallimore

Ishmael Sanford talks with Stevie Ray Dallimore about influences in his life, lessons he learned, jobs, school and growing up, politics, religion, and film and theater.

Ela interview

Joel Woodward and I mostly talked about his life in the service and how it has effected him to this day.

Great Thanksgiving Listen w/ Auntie Miss

Talking with my aunt about regrets, lessons, school, and elections. Listening about strength through the hard times. Learning about sicknesses and how hard it can be. Learning about a valuable person. Listening and learning to love!

Starfish project with Teriq and Sofia

Sofia and Teriq discuss differences in life in the United States versus Spain in a class project about empathy and working through difference.

A Day In the Life of Young Tony Tanzi

We talked about the child hood and my uncle. What happened and how his childhood effected his life now.

Luis Orta Thanksgiving Interview with Mom

We talked about my moms influences and life lessons. She really thinks that respect is very important in life.

Mom 1

Discussed her parents, how she met Dad, and her favorite life lesson.

Coffee with Matt – test session

We tested the interview process in advance of a community-which de interview project. Kathy interviewed Matt about his experience growing up and as a Christian.

Jennifer Vasquez and his brother Stanely Vasquez talk about his impacts on life.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Los Angeles, California, Jennifer Vasquez (16) interviews her brother and best friend Stanely Vasquez (10) about his best memories and ideas of life in general. Mr. Vasquez shares memories about his unforgettable...

Vanessa interviews her friend Sheila about growing up in Oxford, Mississippi
November 29, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oxford, Mississippi, Vanessa interviews her friend Shiela about her childhood and growing up in oxford. Shiela shares what school she went to, how many siblings she had, and how she wouldn’t choose...

From Mexico to The USA, Lessons My Grandma Learned Along the Way

My grandma talks about the lessons she values most, memories that make her who she is today, and funny stories about our family and it’s past.