Thanksgiving conversation

A fun conversation with my family. It's was very exciting

A real hot mess!

I decided to have an interview with my mom that turned into more of a serious talk!

Great thanksgiving listen

My neighbor talks about her life experiences and her hardships she encountered

Malory Bright Interview

We talked about her growing up as a kid, marriage, and work. We also talked about bad things she did as a kid, her grandparents and great grandparents, and her life overall.

Jim Conroy

I asked basic questions to get to know my father a little better.

History Final 2017

This interview was me asked my questions to my grandpa.

Illuminada Evangelista interview

Stephen Evangelista interviews his grandmother, Illuminada Evangelista about her life. This is for an interpersonal communication project.

About Mom

My mom talks about her life.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I have compiled a few questions to ask my grandmother, Jackie Frailey, regarding some of her happiest moments, family, and what she enjoys most in life.


I interviewed my grandfather. I discovered that he had a very fulfilling life. My grandfathers impact in the interview is he is happy that his stories will be saved forever. My impact is that I am happy that I did...

Alexandra Paddy interviewing Elaine (Mom)

I interviewed my mom today. I asked her a multitude of questions that described her life.


We talk about football and life after it

My Mom’s Story

My mothers perspective of her life