Interview with grandma

My interview with Janet Minnitte, my grandmother, as we recount her life, her memories, and her experiences.

December 24, 2018 App Interview

General inquiry

“Life is good, enjoy it”

This interview is with my grandmother explaining how life was for her growing up

Great Thanksgiving listen interview with my mom

I asked my mom the questions I chose for the project

An Interview With My Stepdad

In this interview, I asked my stepdad some questions about lessons that he's learned growing up and experiences he's encountered as a young adult.

The story of an everyday American

This is my older brother Heber Lozano, I look up to him everyday of my life, and I decided his story was worth being told and recorded.

Amarachi Nwogu and Aunty Oromeni

Amarachi Nwogu: 2020-12-31 23:53:24 High school senior Amarachi Nwogu and her Aunty Oromeni discuss Aunty Oromeni's life. They discuss Oromeni Olayiwole's passions, motivations, and hopes for the future. Amarachi also gets insight into her youth life and activities. Through discussion,...

English interview

This interview is for my step brother Owen. He is turning nine years old and I thought it would be interesting to interview him and ask him about what he thought about random things.

Dad Interview

I interviewed my dad. I was kinda nervous but it was fun.

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his life. I asked him questions about his life expectancies.

Interviewing my dad

His life and what has happened through this life and some funny stories

Aaron Patty and Maggie

Just general things we learned about one another

Interviewing my mom

My mom answering questions about her life.Also what I was like as a child.

My Mom
January 19, 2018 App Interview

This interview featured my mom who was talking to me about her own life and how I can use those experiences in my life. I learned a few new things about here through this and for that, I am grateful.

English 4

Interview with my Grandfather about his life.