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A conversation about life, love, loss, learning, goals and support systems with Mr Tom from The Spot at APHS.

Interview with my mom(Nancy Ruiz)

Talking about her family,past life,future,present,and kids

Interview with Amanda Larochelle

interview with amanda larochelle on her life

Grandpa Ed on life and death

Edward Hustoles reminisces on life, spirituality and death.

Anastasia interviews her family friend Marina

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Annapolis, Maryland, Anastasia (13) interviews her family friend Marina (41) about her life as an adult and child. She also talks about family traditions she would like to pass on and how...


We talked about everything from memories to goals.

Interviewing my lovely mother

I asked my mom about how life has been for her. I also asked her about some things I wouldn’t usually ask about to get to know her better.

Mom and son interview

I had a wonderful interview with my mom and learned a lot about her life experiences.


Antonia answered some simple questions about her life

The Life of my Grammy

My grandma tells me about her life- growing up, meeting the love of her life, raising a family, her career, and her enjoying retirement.

Thanksgiving interview

Well I was just really just getting to Know my sisters baby daddy and that he is a really good person .

Grandmas life

This is some of the life of my grandmother. She’s so important to me and just such a big part of my life. You might laugh, you might cry, you might laugh some more, but no matter what you do...