Nikayla Bourne Interview
February 24, 2020 App Interview

This is an interview about anastacia guarneri.


2 long time friends many year reminisce on their friendships and what the future holds

Peter and Peter II

we got to wrap the interview from before

Interview with an elder, Mom, Patricia Stephenson

I interviewed my mom, and asked her some questions about growing up with French parents. We also discussed places that she lived and a few other topics.


In my interview we talked about life, death and what the future holds.

SOC110 interview

Listen to hear lauren’s views on death and living her life to the fullest.

SOC110 interview

Listen to hear lauren’s views on death and living her life to the fullest.

Sociology 1/26

This interview is about both life and death. We talk about mostly the good things in life and how Julian has dealt with different things in his life, including coming to this country at such a young age.

APUSH Extra Credit

I spoke with my grandfather, Gino Pazzaglini, about his life and his greatest achievements.

Socialization: Julia Reddy and Cole Ross

In this interview, we explored how different life events have impacted individual growth. We discuss the importance of our surroundings in determining the people we become over time.

SOC 110 StoryCorps Assignment

This is an interview with Mackenzie Ludlam about her biggest influence and life growing up.

Life history interview

In this interview we talked about the life history about mr. Lara, and what his life is like.

Dad’s interview feat: H.Rowe

I talk to father about his childhood and other important things that will allow us to learn


I interview my mother

Eddy2019 Great Thanksgiving Listen

About my Momo and what the future holds.

Why are we here?

I was asking my dad questions about why he thinks we are here.

Interview with Jacqueline Segrera

The interview was about my mom’s childhood, and her life, and what she enjoys.