Love/Marriage with Mackenzie

Here we have my friend Kenzie joining me to talk about things from love, marriage, virginity, sexism, and more.

StoryCorps Interview

What was talked about in this interview was my moms proudest moments. She was really happy to tell moments about us and our family she enjoys these stories.

Martha’s story

Martha is a mom of 12 kids and co-pastors with her husband....

Beautiful life

What I was usually curious about

Karen Taylor

This is my interview with my mom. I hope you enjoy it.

Little Bit of Hope in a Time of Despair

I interviewed my step-mother, D’Audra Cole-Hunter, about her experiences in a social media community, as a small business owner, and a believer of God in a time of hate, hopelessness, and despair.

Interview with Mom

In this interview, I learned a lot about my mother’s childhood and who she looks up too.

Maddie Larson and her grandmother, Nancy Frederiksen

Carolyn Larson: 2020-05-05 22:37:58, Maddie Larson speaks with her grandmother, Nancy Frederiksen, about life, aspirations, and family love.

My Second dad.

He loves me very much and wishes me to do nothing but good. It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

Love: My Dads Perspective

I asked my dad a series of questions about his relationship with my mom like how they met, their first date, and how he proposed.

Michael Ayers Auricchio – Life In a Nutshell

My Grandpa (we call him Bigga) spoke to me about his wife, children, and the losses he experienced to get to where he is today. (Note: any time he says “your mother,” he means my Grammie. He doesn’t remember who...


In this interview, me and my loving grandmother went over a few things about her life!

Wendy and Karenna (Karie) Barrales

My mother’s childhood as well as her hopes for me in my life.

"I Love You, baby. Be good"

Maci Mercurio, a junior at EHTHS, conducts an interview with her pop pop John D'intino. This interview takes part of The Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2019. Her pop pop is someone who Maci views as extremely wise, loving, and funny. Throughout...

Talking with Mom

Conversation about her childhood and what lead to being here.

Grandma interview

I loved interviewing my grandma, this lead to great conversations!

Mothers Memory

For my StoryCorps interview, I decided to interview my mom, Ginny Campbell. I decided to interview my mom due to her being the only elder in my family to grow up in Vestavia as I did, thus creating a viewpoint...

My moms interview
December 2, 2019 App Interview

My Moms experiences in life and how things have impacted her.