Life as a Mare

I didn’t know she was a citizen ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Interview with a Happy Couple

I, Elly (18), interviewed my mom, Katy (43) and my dad, Sam (44). In the interview, I am heard asking questions about my parents’ relationship, such as when they first met and how their wedding went. This interview is entertaining...

Remembering the Moments of my Father

An Interview of what my mother (Deborah) remembers about her husband, and me getting to know more about my father (Derek Smith the first) as he has passed on from this life, due to the illness of ALS.

Storytelling Assignment Cassidy C

This is an interview for my speech class on how my Gran and I both tell our stories.


Interview for research class above love with the LOML.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The Great Thanksgiving Listen project with my mom (47). We discussed many questions and talked about the changes that occur during life.

Our Love Journey (Mandy & Kevin)

This is a recap of our Love Journey together a few months before our wedding.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with Grampa

Steve Pardee shares how he met his wife that he is married happily to 67 years later.

Growing up

My mom was talking to me about how it was like watching me grow up. Also on what she see’s of me in the future. Lastly she talks about how she know I’m going to be a good man.

"Expectation of Life v.s. Reality"

Betty Ream (79) talks with her granddaughter, Jenna (21) and reflects back on her life.

Family Is Always There

In this interview, cuducted in Santa Monica, California, Nicolas Calvo interviews his parents about the importance and how you can always count on family even through tough times.

Storytelling assignment

Interview with my mother and things about her life.

Love at First Sight

Nana and I talked about her love story with her husband of 47 years.

Do you really know??

A story about a kid named starren that would have a semi rough life that would have hard encounters such as love and football

It Won’t Be like This For Long (Interview with Papi)

Sofia Vazquez, 17 year old daughter, interviews her father, Enrique Vazquez, 45 years old, about his journey to a new country and his journey getting to where he is now in life.

Ajani Young interviews his grandfather Steve A. Gresham about his life and what he has learned during it.

Ajani Young, a junior at Egg Harbor Township High School, interviews his grandfather Steve A. Gresham. Steve highlights what he sees as important things in his life. This list includes morals taught to him by his parents, growing up with...