Interviewing my dad

I interviewed my dad for my theology class and learned so much about him and i loved doing it. i feel like i’m so much closer and enjoyed doing this so much. Some of the things my dad said i...

William’s First Day Of School

William was slightly nervous but he was ready to become a young adult!

Jasmine Rosales’ intrerview with Andrew Muriedas

I interviewed my brother Andrew Muriedas who is 23 years old and someone great to talk to.

My grañdpa

We talked on how he was like as child.and we talked on how my grandma and his mom impacted his life and my aunts

The Canoe Journals of Early Twentieth Century And Their Testiment To American Culture

An interview of Martha Greene Phillips, daughter of Howard Greene, about how his canoeing journals leave a history rarely documented. These journals contain well preserved photographs from 1906 to 1916 documenting the natural beauty of deindustrialized land and peaceful native...

The Life of Baltazar Rayo

Here are a few questions about my father, Baltazar Rayo who came from Mexico at 14 years old. I’m very proud of everything this man has done for me, and he is truly an inspiration to me and my brothers.

transfer center

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Jorge Sanchez – My first and best stepdad

I interviewed my step dad who has lived with us for about 5 years now about his experiences and how they shaped him to be the man he is.


We talked about what he did in thanksgiving. Also what he did on break

Michael the burnt chicken nugget

Michael talks about life as a track star, being adopted and how he looks like a burnt chicken nugget.


Taking a deeper look into the mind of someone who is not a feminist