My grandma and me

We talked about what my grandmas childhood was like.

Jillian Interviewing her Grandfather

In this interview I asked my grandfather important questions about his life, and how he experienced it. Through this I have learned to savor each and every aspect of life and I learned how my grandfather saw life and how...

Gmaw Freed’s interview

We talked about my Grandfather, and her family and grandparents mostly.

Moments in life

Cecilia talked about what she aspired to be as a young teen and the good things in life.

Callie Lininger and Byron Parrish talk about life as a child in Lake Oswego

In this interview, conducted on November 24th, 2017 in Oregon, Callie Lininger(13) interviews her grandpa(67) about his childhood in Lake Oswego. Callies grandpa, Byron talks about his childhood and his family. He shares many important lessons he’s learned like to...

Mary’s memories post-marriage

Mary Dillon (age 94) recalls marriage, motherhood, and the death of many loved ones in Troy, New York.

My interview with Bob Garza

In my interview with Bob Garza we talked about a lot of things ranging from his life growing up, his time in the Air Force, and marriage. He’s one of the most hardworking and family oriented person I’ve ever met...

Rose Weil

Rose talks about learning to read, growing up, and how she got to where she is today.

Senior capstone

We talked about how my dad met my mom and how it all came to be. How both my parents were raised by their grandparents but in a very different way to be good people. They talk about some of...

Michael Kahan with Sora Frankel discussing early years of her marriage, motherhood, and career.

Sora Frankel discusses the early years of her marriage. Her husband, Aaron Frankel, and she lived with her parents in laurelton, queens during and after World War II. He held a number of jobs in jewelry and related fields, while...

Great Thanksgiving Listen-2017

We dove into my fathers love life regarding his meeting of my mom. And also what life lessons he has learned over the years, how he changed, and who he is as a person.