Oral History Project

We talked about life and all the experiences that led her (my mom) to where she is today

Sandy’s story

This is Sandy’s story about he life from meeting her husband to not being able to have kids and the to adopting kids.

A Love That Lasts

my parents talking about what their life has been like together and advice for all couples.

My Mama’s Story

I interviewed my mom about where she came from, how she met my dad, spirtuality and other important aspects of life to carry with you.

Me and my mother

I asked her some sad, funny. Interesting questions

Interviewing my grandma

I learned a lot about my grandma’s past and her family growing up. I also learned how life was like before phones were invented.

The Lifestory of Tracey Bennett

My mother Tracey Wrightson shares the story of growing up in a small Indiana home and beginning her career in private financial contracting after meeting my father.

How mom and dad ended up together

We talked about how mom and dad met. I was always interested in more about my parents relationship so I decided to do some digging.

Grammy and Dadad Crain (Part 1 The Beginning)

Summary of Dadads perspective of him and Grammy’s first meeting and his childhood.

Father and daughter

Entrevisté a mi papá, sobre cómo conoció a mi mamá y que piensa de mí.

Joe interview

Joe explains how he met his wife April harper

Interview with Grandma

Sat down with Grandma to ask questions about her life and experiences.

“Thanksgiving is a time for family to come together but this year everyone is separated”

This interview was recorded in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. The recording took place in My Aunt’s garage in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. The interview took place in November 20, 2020 around 7:30 pm. The participants in this video...

My mom

I am asking my mom a bunch a questions about her childhood and how she met my father, her husband. We had a great time.

Jose 2nd period AP human geo

We talked about how my mother got proposed to and important life lessons

Maribel talks about the struggles in life and the lessons she learned

In this interview, December 1, 2019 in LA California, we talk with Maribel Estrada who is 34 years old. Maribel shares the important lessons in life and the life she lived through. Mostly the struggle that she has been through...

It Started with a Blind Date

Sydney Forman talks to her mother, Jennifer Forman, about her and her husband. She talks about how they met and lessons that she had learned from this relationship.

TheGreatListen2018 part2

I talked with my Nana about her life with my Papa and raising my mother and uncle. We also spoke about her jobs and family traditions.