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My Amazing Dad Can Do It All!!!

This interview was about my dad's life and how much love he has for his wife, my mom, Crystal. And how much he cares for his family and how much he loves his family. My dad, Jose Matamoros, is an...


Everything you’ve every wanted to know about Laurel as a child.

I talk to my grandmother about her life, childhood, memories, etc.

We talked about my grandmother and her childhood. It was kind of emotional for me. This interview took place on November 25 2018. It took place at my living room and it was a Skype call from Manhattan Beach to...

Thanksgiving Listen Thing

I asked my mother a couple of questions about what she thought about me and a couple about herself.


My mother and I discussed my upbringing and she recounts some of her memories.

Portfolio Assignment

I asked my dad some questions about myself from my early childhood

Thomas pacheco

We talked about my perspectives on life. What my life was like growing up.

Interviewing my mom

I ask my mom about her life and about myself


This was an interview with my mom about her life.

interviewing my mom

i chose to interview my mom for the great thanksgiving listen. i learned so much about her, her early childhood, dreams, passions for me, and so much more. i really enjoyed this and hope to save this forever.

Alex & Angela

My mom and I did this interview many times with many audio difficulties.

Interviewing Athena

i asked her questions that had to do with me. Then i asked a few about her.

Dad’s Story

My Dad explained happy times, good times, fun times, rough times, and bad times. He told me about his grandparents and parents and how much he missed them which touched my heart. His happiest memories touched my heart too. It...

Interview with mom

This interview sums up most of my mother’s life up until today, it also explains the times she has had to go through and how so adapted to tough times.