The great listen

My mom talks about her favorite memories and her childhood.

Grandpa says

On November 23, 2018, me and my grandpa talk about his life and memories he had.

Me, My Mom, and I: A Story of Timeless Traditions, Memories, and Influence

I, Elise Spenner, interviewed my mother about crucial aspects of her life. Our conversation began with her childhood, with family traditions, with the interesting stories from our past. Her favorite memories all revolve around shared moments with family, in nature,...

Mugshots: Robert and Buffy

Robert is from Nazareth, PA and has been coming to Musikfest for 20 years. He now brings his dog Buffy, who is a therapy dog, to enjoy the festival. His word to describe Musikfest is BUSY.

Mugshots: Nick

Nick speaks about being a volunteer for 26 years and the diverse set of jobs he has had over the years. His word to describe Musikfest is FANTASTIC.

Mother and Daughter Talk About Life During a Pandemic

Carina (13) interviews her mother mainly about what she is feeling during the Covid-19 pandemic. Both talk about what life has been like during this time and moment in this country as well as her mother's childhood memories.

Advice from Grandma: Caitlyn D'Bella and Virginia Cooley

Caitlyn D'Bella (22) talks to her grandmother, Virginia (77), about relationship advice and what makes an "ideal" relationship.

Mugshots: Larry

Larry is a 15 year volunteer of Musikfest and says his fellow volunteers have become family. His word to describe Musikfest is FUN.

Mugshots: John

John talks about seeing Ray Charles at Musikfest and that during the concert it poured, but that only added to the atmosphere of the concert. His word to describe Musikfest is RAINY.

Me & My Mom

My mom and I sat down and talked about some of her favorite memories, her hopes for me, and what her relationship with her parents was like.

Mugshots: Bill

Bill is a vendor at Musikfest who sells recycled metal art and loves hearing all the different kinds of music. His word to describe Musikfest is HOT.

Craig Cowles

My grandmother was a hard working woman, who speaks about her love for family and God. She has undergone many obstacles throughout life that made her who she is today.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

i asked some questions about what i was like growing up and some questions about my moms childhood

Letting Me In

Me and my friend Esmeralda De Santiago get a little deeper looking into her life. As she talks about what's most important to her whether it was about her future, dreams, past and accomplishments.

Sadie Levin and her past teacher Terry Gladstone talk about life influences, lessons and jobs.

In this interview, Created on November 26, 2017 in Manhattan Beach, California. Sadie Levin (14) and her past teacher Terry Gladstone discussed many influences that Mrs. Gladstone had in her life what led her to where she is today. We...

A time to reminisce

This interview covers topics about traveling the world, life experiences, fond childhood memories, and emotions.

Interview with my boyfriend through FaceTime

Due the the pandemic, I conducted an interview with my boyfriend over FaceTime. He talked about the important people in his life and the memories he shares. He shares his successes as well as his hard times and has a...