Brothers and Sisters

I interviewed my mother about her younger brother, who passed away last year. Despite her openness and expressive personality, she never actually spoke to me about how she felt about her brother after he had died a year prior. Wanting...

Mugshots: Ron and Nancy Semanick

Ron and Nancy are a married couple, Moravian alumni, and have been attending every Musikfest since 1984. Their one word to best describe Musikfest is FEST-TASTIC.

Suzanne Moore
November 25, 2017 App Interview

The wonderful parts of life, family, and children, as well as the importance of communication and human connection.

Life of a Navy Brat pt.1

The Birth, Life, and discussions of Death with my mom. She’s a very adventurous and strong woman and I love her very much.

Me & My Mom

My mom and I sat down and talked about some of her favorite memories, her hopes for me, and what her relationship with her parents was like.

Interviewing Mom

Mom is 50 years old, and we talked about lots of things that have happened to her in the past.

thanksgiving interview

i talked about her life and childhood and how things affected her etc. She was really great about keeping eye contact. She was able to answer most of the question.

Kenzie Spence Interview With gram – 11-20-2023

I am Kenzie Spence and this is an interview with my gram from Georgia. We discussed her relationships with her relatives and what she remembers of them. She also brought up memories from her career and and how she would...

Old Coach Keeps On Coaching

The Guinness World Record holder Elan Buller, was interviewed my Luca España on November 17th 2017. Elan Buller had once been the elementary school physical education coach for Luca, between his 1st and 6th grade years. Luca and Buller became...

Moms interview

We talked about my mother childhood. And her grandparents

November 25, 2018 App Interview

We talked a lot about what her life was growing up and moving, as well as what it was like marrying into a ginormous Italian family. But, the not important part of what we talked about, I think, was what...

Angelina Romero and Mom

This interview was conducted in our kitchen a few days after Thanksgiving. It’s between Angelina Romero and Yvonne Medina. (Mother and daughter) These questions include favorite memories, important people, and more. Enjoy!

Christina Letoi

From the island of Samoa to the U.S. christina talks about her childhood memories, family, and small bits and pieces about herself.

Mugshots: Tom

Tom talks about coming to the very first Musikfest. His word to describe Musikfest is DIVERSITY.

History Project pt 3

He said what advice he would give his teenage self. We then talked about some of his best childhood memories.

Father and Daughter

Chad Rich 51 years old. Tonya Rich wife of 27 years. Daughter (Camryn Rich) 21 years old. We talked about how he would like to be remembered and who he admired, how he would handle adversity, who is was the...

The Exotic Stories of My Dad

On January 8, 2023, me and my dad, Brent Danieli, do a interview at our home in Canton, Michigan. We take a inside look into what it was like to be my dad at a young age. we listen to...

Karolina Beltran and Jose Beltran

Esposos Karolina Beltran (47) y Jose Beltran (47) hablan de sus recuerdos, cuando Jose tenía el virus de COVID-19, y sus esperanzas para el futuro, y el agradecimiento. Spouses Karolina Beltran (47) and Jose Beltran (47) talk about their memories, Jose...

John Ramirez and Maira Sanchez

Coworkers, John Ramirez (33) and Maira Sanchez (25), have a conversation about sandwiches, their experiences, Hispanic culture, their job at the library, and how their life has been since COVID-19 began.

Ian Whistler and Ryan Myers

Fiancés Ian Whistler (23) and Ryan Myers (37) talk about their life together, joking about their cats aka “The Women” and sharing some of their favorite memories.

Elizabeth Flores

My partner was my classmate Elizabeth Flores. Elizabeth is 17 years old who goes to Animo Jackie Robinson.

Mugshots: Lindsey and Christine Jancay

Mother and daughter, Christine and Lindsey, have made it a tradition to come to Musikfest every year. Christine loves the food and music, and Lindsay shares how Musikfest helped her discover a love and interest in history and Bethlehem's storied...

Payton Feery and his dad Douglas Feery talk about influences in his life and memories from growing up in Albuquerque, NM

In this interview conducted in December 2021 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Payton Feery (17) interviews his dad Douglas Feery (41) about his childhood and early adulthood memories and experiences. Mr. Feery discusses funny memories he had growing up, and some...