An interview with one of the first female military dog handlers, my grandmother

We spoke of working in the military as a woman, a life of travel around the world, and of making friends along the way.

Full circle

A brief interview with my dad Daniel about his childhood and short time in the US Air Force.

My father’s childhood

My dad talks about what growing up was like.


We talked about hardships and good times, I learned a lot about my papa.

Austin Choi Interview Waters

My father discusses his time in the military

Interviewing my Grandpa- Papa, who was on the first nuclear submarine

Part of the great thanksgiving listen. I interviewed my grandpa about life, lessons, and his time in the military.

Tony Ramos

Interview with Tony Ramos - former navy, aerospace technician, and now working with cal fire.

Dad and me

My dads life and how it has cahnged throughout the years. Also how being in diffrent stages in life has taught him lessons.

WWII Interview

We talked about a variety of topics including my father’s childhood, military career, and professional accomplishments.

The Great Listen

To talked to my grandpa about what it was like growing up, his parents, and the life in the military.

Austin Keen

I interviewed infantry veteran and Operations Officer, Austin Keen at a local jiu jitsu gym in Kingwood Texas. We discussed his transition from the military back into civilian life and how his time in the military led to his current...

Interviewing my grandpa

In this interview I talked with my grandpa we talked about what his life was like growing up and what his life was like when he joined the military. During this interview I learned a lot of things that I...

I love you mommy!!

A few minutes with my mom why she tells about her and our family.


Talking about my father's life experiences

My dad, Tony Coke

I sat down with my dad during Thanksgiving break to talk about his childhood and his time in the military.

Interview with Jesus Lugo about his military experience.

My father speaks on how his military life changed him. He also spoke about his experience, and how it felt like to transition after.

Dad’s experience in the Military

This interview with my dad shows the importance and some pieces of everyday life in the navy

My interview

About a Navy seal and his time in the military

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his early life, life in the military, and about our family.

I am interviewing my mom Sarah about her life and her military life.

We talked about how her life was in the military and her hopes and dreams