The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Spent a few minutes talking with my dad about his army experience. The end has a little information on military background of my family.

Interviewing my Grandma Maryanne

Maryanne Matusko, age 78, grew up in Massachusetts where she worked on farms during her childhood. She married Raymond Matusko who was in the Air Force and traveled to many different areas with her three children before retiring in Currituck.

Story Corps with the Supply Corps

Listen to the some of the life experiences of a female Supply Corps Officer in the Navy

Interview with my granny

I learned about how life was like in the army


Tawna, who spent three years volunteering for the USO describes her experiences.

Allen Kasmir unfolds his life to Hunter Sanchez.

Allen Kasmir talks about his childhood in New Jersey. And his service in the military, and life after.

YCDS Oral History Interview- 11/30/2019

Christopher Rudisill talks about his career and about struggles and accomplishments he went through to get to where he is in life.

Interview with my mom by Nairobi

I asked my mom a few questions about her life and relationships for a school project

The Hawaii Life 1982

Charlotte’s mom, MaryEllen gives a recap of the time she lived in Hawaii.

Josh’s Story

This is Josh’s military story.

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his early life, life in the military, and about our family.

A life full of experiences

In this interview, I talked with my grandmother about her experiences growing up, traveling experiences, the importance of education, and life after loss.

I’d Like To Introduce My Grandfather

In this interview I ask my grandfather to recount the most memorable parts of his life

Loving — but Leaving — the Military
September 23, 2019 App Interview

Retired Colonel Denise Baken enlisted in the Army in 1975 , following in her father’s military footsteps. She’d go on to serve for nearly three decades. At StoryCorps, Denise told her children — Richard and Christian Yingling — about her...

Salem High School NJROTC VETS TO CADETS – Petty Officer 1st Class James Clinton

Petty Officer First Class James Clinton shares his story of the military life. He explains the benefits and the challenges he had overcome as he worked further in the service.

The life of Bob Hagy

In this interview we hear about some of my fathers childhood memories.

We are everywhere

His coming out story and how the USAF (United States Airforce) reacted to his coming out.