Person I Can Look Up To

We talked a lot about religion and God, and about who he used to be.

Marine Corp Screening
September 18, 2018 App Interview

We discussed Ralph's time in the Marine Corp

Man enforces law and serves America for most of his life

After being allowed to be a citizen of the U.S. He swore to pay back the U.S.

A New Hope: Being a Mom, Wife, And Student During Covid-19

Hope Hiller talks about her experience as a mother to a four month old while juggling being a full time student and newly-wed. She talks about dealing with mental health and concerns over safety for herself and her family, along...

Interview with my boss Steve

Interviewed consisted of early childhood, life, military, and career.

Joe Booska interviews Uncle Keith part 2

Conversation with great uncle and military experience

James Birk

Military life/ fatherhood

Emily Schmidt and her grandma Barb Ford talk about her life.

Emily Schmidt Interviewed her grandma on Thanksgiving about her life, her marriages which there were two, and her childhood living in Sarver. She also talked about my father and how he grew up and his transition between his two dads...

Interview part 2

Interview of my Dad’s family, faith, and military life outcomes and expectations

Gary Jackson’s family history

The history and story of the Jackson and Gunn family located in Lamar County Texas. The story told from Gary Jackson's perspective.

My Grandpa Manny

I talked with my grandpa manny and what it was like growing up. He talked about how life was in the military. He also talked ablut how much he has loved his life from what he remembers till now.

Ethan Stolpp interviews his 68 year old Opa in McKinleyville

16 year old Ethan Stolpp interviews his 68 year old Opa, Terry. We discuss his family and personal history. We also discuss his views on the current political status.

Grandpa Tweets

Austin Stern interviews his grandfather Donald Scotten. They talk about his childhood life to going into the military and being a father and grandfather today. Donald also shares a little about the technology today and about his regrets in life.

Orbit Clanton and Eliel Cruz for Stonewall OutLoud

Orbit Clanton (56) tells Eliel Cruz about growing up in Baltimore, MD, joining the navy, realizing he was gay, falling in love, and becoming an HIV activist.


Quick interview session with my brother on his military experience

An Interview with my Dad

A simple interview of my father concerning his time in the military.

Linda & Amie

My mother, Linda, and I discussed her up upbringing in Berlin for the majority of the time. We also covered her family’s history and the effect of it.