History Bonus Assignment

An interview with my mom, Lisa Nunn


Talked about politics and immigration

Súper mami
November 27, 2020 App Interview

One-of-a-kind Mom talks about growing up in Uruguay, cancer and quarantine.


We just talked about random questions.

My Mom and Her’s

Carissa asks her mother, Cinnamon, about her late grandmother and what she meant to her:


Me mom and I just asking questions about her life


I interviewed my mother. She is very delighted I interviewed her

Mom interview

This was an interview of how mom met dad.

My Kind and Generous Mom

I interview my mom and asked her about how she wants to be remembered and what she is grateful for, along with other questions.

ap gov extra credit

For this interview i interviewed my dad. I asked my dad seven different questions, the first question was about his childhood and growing up he told me about how he grew up in Ohio and about how he was the...

The Life of a Mother

The life of my mom, telling about the ups and downs through her life and how she overcame it all. (21:50-24:48)

Interviewing my Mom

In this interview, we discussed my mother’s childhood and how it contributed to her being the woman she is today.

Mom Intverview

I ask my mom why she decided to come to the US.

Interview with Margo

My mom and I talk about good memories and advice for the future

Interview with Morgan about Her Mother

We talked about Morgan's mom, Tiffany, and the effect that her death had on Morgan's life. We also discussed what going through a divorce was like at a young age.

My mom tells me things about my family that I didn’t know about.

We talked a lot about traditions and games. And my mom gave a lot of advice to the future generations to come who watch this.

Angelina Martinez and her mother Donna Polniak talk about childhood and parents

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Angelina Martinez (15) interviews her mother Donna Polniak (44) about the changing of her dad. Ms.Polniak talks about how her dad wasn’t such a figure when she was younger but...