History Bonus Assignment

An interview with my mom, Lisa Nunn

Karen Taylor

This is my interview with my mom. I hope you enjoy it.


Interviewed my Mom about me.

service learning

A conversation about my sister and a little inside look of her life

Thanksgiving Interview with Mom and daughter

My mom and I took the time during a road trip back from Denver to interview her. I picked out a few questions I thought would be good including times from her childhood to her profession. We also talk about...

Mom interview

Mom talks about happiest moments in Spanish

My Mom’s Experience at New Trier

My mom and I talked about her experiences at New Trier and how some of them are similar and different to mine. We also talked about a lot of the things she personally enjoyed doing in school and the many...

Interview of mommy

The interview is mostly about me getting to know my mom a little better

My mother

We just talked about her and her life.

Interview with Mom

We talked about a few things happening during quarantine and some of her best older memories.

Mother and son

A mom and son sitting and talking

Interview With My Mom

We talked about her life with her kids and some about work.

Kamryn Keith interview

We mostly talked about growing up, family, and political views.

Mother Daughter Talk, 4/29/19

We talked about a range of topics; everywhere from happiest memories to most challenging experiences.

Mom Intverview

I ask my mom why she decided to come to the US.