Mommy’s moments

Mothers adventure from Dominican Republic to the United States when she was younger. Memories of the past that I didn’t even know flourished.

Papa and Grandma’s interview

My sister and I interviewed my grandparents about their childhood. They talked about China and what it was like growing up. They also described their living conditions. I asked them questions about their parents and siblings. They told me the...

Ramon Huaracha

This is an interview of my father’s journey from California to Wisconsin

“If this isn't nice, what is?”

An interview of my father, Peter, about his life. He is 69 years old on the recording. He discusses his childhood, his parents, his wife, his accomplishments, being a parent, and things he has learned in life.

Always be true to yourself

We talk about childhood memories and the greatness of being a grandparent.

"Be a good person and work hard" – An inspirational testimony from my personal idol, my father

My name is Avery Maddox and I interviewed my father, Steve Maddox. I discussed topics including my father's regrets of not staying close to his family, raising 2 female daughters, and finally to his chaotic childhood of moving every 3...

Story telling project

I got to interview my mom about moving form india to america

The Move

I describe a difficult moving experience.

Interview with my grandma

Talking about my grandma’s move from Lebanon to the United States. Also about how it was to move to a new country back then.

The Change in this World

Since 1948 so much has changed... families have grown apart and so have communities. So much anger and distance is depicted on television that people believe that is the way that life is supposed to be. I’m earlier times and...

Laughter, Loss, and Love

Today I sat down and talked to my mom about her childhood, and what has shaped her into the person she is today. StoryCorps is a non-profit challenging people to capture their families’ histories. If you want to join the...

Ruby Nell Interview Part II

We discussed her childhood and details about her past. We also discussed how she found her way to Arkansas and her life after leaving home.

Interview with my dad

In this interview, I talk with my dad about his upbringing, life in college, living in the U.S, and how he raised my sister and me.

Me and my Dad!

Steven and Matthew Bottone share the importance of parenting and music, and how they help shape our lives.

Interview with Mom

I interviewed my mom on her childhood and her life as a whole.

Social issues project

Name, main country, age when left, questions on immigration and fitting in

English Period 1-Interview
December 2, 2019 App Interview

Ivan li interviews his father, Tom Wong about the hardships in immigrating to another country. In addition, the two discuss family situations and motivations towards said discisions.