SNSI Instructor

I’m having an interview with my SNSI instructor about his experience in the Navy and adaptations he made for it.

Life in the Navy

Veteran reflecting upon his 20 years in the Navy

theater interview

I interviewed my grandpa about his childhood, what it was like in the Navy, and his injury that has forced him to be in a wheelchair.

Orbit Clayton & Eliel Cruz

Orbit Clanton (56) tells Eliel Cruz about growing up in Baltimore, MD, joining the navy, realizing he was gay, falling in love, and becoming an HIV activist.

We’re all in this together

I sit down and talk to my dad, ken, the most honest and selfless man I know.

John Hayes

Time as a child, time in the military and how you want to be remembered

My friend Joseph

I speak to my friend joe about life concerning the upcoming holidays

Ken Luse

My grandpa (Poppy or Ken) I think really enjoyed talking about his time in the military. He also seemed confident about meeeting my grandma (Nanni or Patti).

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my grandfather’s service in the Navy and Airforce Reserve.

The life of tiny tim scott

the story of his life, famous dad quote, he’s favorite stories, and his favorite child, interviewed dad

interview w/ grandma

My grandma isn’t the best at continuing on with the subjects I asked so I started by asking her about where she lived and her childhood. Then I asked her about how my dad and aunt were as kids and...

Interview with a veteran who is my brother

Talking with my brother who was in the Navy and left in the middle of a pandemic

Speaking to the Director of Public Health

Enjoy this interview with a former Director of Public Health of Michigan.

HM1 Junior Perez

This interview takes a peak into the life of a Bronx sailor born and raised, and his journey through the United States Navy.

Chief Said This Is It

I talked with my father about his experiences in the military.

Grandpas Navy career

My grandpas Navy career as a radioman in the 50s, E5

Interview with my Mom about the life of her Dad and my Grandfather, Thomas Scott Cobb.

My mom dives deep into the life of her Dad. His upbringing, Navy Seal days, college life, jobs, and family life are discussed and interestingly portrayed.

Jeff and Greg Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about elections, vacations, and childhood.

Talk with Tom

Thomas Kasner, 72, talks about how his circumstances growing up has impacted his life and given him the skills to become who he is today.