Interview with Grandma

Audrey Wells from a very small town discusses her grandmother's childhood with her.

Lessons Learned from a Career Sailor.
December 9, 2019 App Interview

Listen to some advice about the military.


We talked about how the Navy impacted my dad’s life. I also ask him questions about raising my brother and I.

How media helped connect a soldier to his family.

This interview highlights the career of my dad Mike Greene. Mike is a soon to retire Senior Chief Petty Officer EOD Tech in the U.S. Navy. He covers his time in the military, and how media helped him connect to...

Like Father Like Son

I question my dad about his past and how he has lived his life. Just like how my father was in the military, so will I once I finish college, and I wanted to know more about both my father,...

My Friend, the Captain

My grandmother, Carol Butscher, tells a story about the time she picked up a navy base captain in her car and her ability to talk openly with anyone, no matter their rank or place in society.

Joe’s interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

This interview talks about a mans life through the military, his lawfirm, and personal life.

Part One of my Mom’s Story

Part one of my mom’s time in the military , see part 2 for a full summary

An Interview about my grandfather’s life, and his experience in the military.

Crossroads TX, November 26th, 2017. Interviewer:Kamerine Nickols Interviewee: James Richardson. James Richardson shares his personal stories about his life experiences including; working in the oil feild and being drafted in the army.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My step grandmother (Katie Wilhelm, I call her Teeta haha) and I talked about her family and travels throughout her life so far, including her Dad who served in World War 2.

darryll interview

in this interview darryl talks about his life and life in the navy

Cole interview

Interview with Cole Prather about our lives.

Mike Federowicz, East Providence RI.

We talked about everything from his childhood to life in the navy up until today.

Talking with Grandma and Grandpa Boettcher

We talked about jobs and how it affected them as well as some funny stories.

Generations interview by Dane and Joonas.
December 6, 2019 App Interview

We talked to Dave Blough/ Haileys grandpa about his life and what happened during it.

Interviewing my grandpa

My grandpa face many challenges in the navy but he says it was worth it

A Father, His Daughter, and His Response as to Why He Chose the Navy.

This interview occurred on January 9th, 2020, in Flint, Michigan. Ja Karra Nelson (16, Sophomore in high school) will be interviewing her father Greg Nelson (63, single parent) about several different topics. In the beginning they discussed how life was...