Person of interest

This interview is me talking to my mom about her past experiences in life and how it has given her the stregth to raise 3 crazy kids and hold a job all at the same time!

My dad

I ask my dad a few questions and get an understanding of him as a parent


I had an interview with my dad, it was pretty awesome

The person who made me who I am today #FaridiMorton2017

Interviewed my mom on her life and how it changed when I came to the picture. She spoke about her grandparents and how hard it was growing up.

When son talks to mom

My mom has always been my biggest inspiration and I had the time to sit down and just have a talk with her.

All bout me!

This interview was about me through a mother’s eyes.

Sociology project

A brief interview with my dad.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

During the interview, I realized that my mom and I have a lot of the same answers for the questions I asked. I am also looking forward to Germany!

Let’s talk about Bebe and Paw Paw

My mom and her younger brother talk about their upbringing in Alabama, and the complicated relationship their parents had.

My Mom and I

My mom's reluctant approach answering my questions relating from schooling to life lessons to our everyday life.

What’s the best thing your parents did in raising you?

My mother, Kristan Jacobson, talks about her parents and how they have shaped her into the mom she is today for my brothers and I.

Interview w/ Mom

Interview with my amazing mom! She talks about her difficulties with moving from her home in Taiwan to Australia and eventually the U.S., along with how being a parent has changed her.

Jayda and Mom

During the interview I asked my mom about her childhood, memories, and other relatives.

Life of Sebastien

This is an interview of my father.In this he talks about his past life as a teen and his accomplishments. Over the course of his life he worked very hard for his dreams. I believe that all his efforts paied...

Overview of my Mother’s Career and Life Lessons

Devin Klemstein (17) interviews him mother, Dena Klemstein (49) about her work life, parenting, and life lessons.

My Mother & I

In this interview, done December 5th, 2019 in Miami, Florida, Leidi-Di Salcedo-Urena speaks with her mother about her life growing up. Leidy Salcedo-Urena speaks about her favorite stories as a child and how she would've changed her decisions growing up.

Valerie Paredes interviewing her father, Julio Paredes

A daughter interviews her dad about his career in the business field and his move from the Dominican Republic to the United States.

Candid Conversation with my Dad

Asked questions on his perception of being a parent and what it was like raising me and my brothers.

Jovan’s Mom

Jovan Gorman-Carter talking about what he loves about his mom, Tracy Gorman.