Christine Harrington

Christine is a very responsible and well being parent.

Interviewing my mom

I interviewed my mom in this recording. She talked about her life in the Philippines, moving here to America as a Physical Therapist, and my childhood.

Drew interviewing Mom

My mom talked about her life and things that she wishes she had done and things she hopes for in the future for herself and her kids.


Talked about how it was being a parent

Persia Palmer

In this interview Susan Palmer answered many questions including what she is thankful for.

Mom and I

Mom answered some questions about my childhood and adulthood.

Parenting Interview

Description of how to become a successful parent.

Great Thanksgiving Listening interview

Interview for thanksgiving listening assignment

looking back on life
December 3, 2019 App Interview

This is a reflection on life from the point of view of a middle-aged mother.

Interview project

I found something about my dad I did not know before about my dad.

My Dad’s Childhood

For my English paper I decided to interview my father about what he experienced during his childhood and have him reflect on it.

The Best of Bruce (Full Interview)

Bruce, my step-dad, and I discuss some life lessons, experiences, and obstacles as a father with lots to share.

I Am Better Now With Kids

In this interview conducted on November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Angelina Quach (16) interviews her mother Katherine Lam(36) about her life and how it led up to now. She tells stories about her childhood as she came...

My Father, December 2019

We had to do this interview for school, and I dont regret it. Just a simple chat with my Dad.

Interview with my mom

My interview with my mother about her life and experiences raising me.

Interviewing My Dad

I asked my dad questions about his life and memories.

Across the Pacific

Nobody could understand my mum when she first arrived in the United States. I am Alice Connolly (14) and I interviewed my mum Paula Connolly (52) in Los Angeles, California on January 6, 2020 about her immigration to the United...

Zoom with Dad

Picking my dad’s brain a little just so I can understand him better and see what he thinks of me.

Mama Hoy

We talked about my moms childhood, schooling, and personal journey as a parent.