Pilar Munoz and Xochitl Munoz about Fumiko Bundy

Pilar Munoz talks about her mother, Fumiko, to her daughter Xochitl Munoz. As a young child living near Hiroshima, Japan, Fumiko was six years old when the atomic bomb was dropped. Pilar and Xochitl discuss Fumiko's childhood and life after...

La or Toadie

I talked to my mom about life before I was born, and the life i dont know about. This life included the multiple summer jobs, long lost childhood friends, and meeting then marrying my dad, and many more adventures as...

Interview with my mom

My interview with my mother about her life and experiences raising me.

A Conversation with My Mom

Today me and my mom talked about her life and her parenting. We also touched on her vocation in life.

grant t school interview

I interviewed my mom who is 51 years old

Tarea de Thanksgiving (Interview With Dad)

this interview is done with my father, Desta. The topics discussed are as followed: how my parents first met, my father's emotions, during my birth, and how he views me through the journey of my childhood.

First interview with my mom talking about growing up in the navy
December 22, 2022 App Interview

Nancy Holst, age 84, interviewed by Stephen Holst, her youngest son, age 47. Mom talked about growing up and traveling around the world in the navy because her father, Walter, was a chaplain.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Kaylee Simpkins

My father talks about his experience as a child, and how he has grown to who he is today.

My Father, December 2019

We had to do this interview for school, and I dont regret it. Just a simple chat with my Dad.

Interview with my Tio

It was a really great experience and I learned a lot about my Tio that I didn’t know before :)

First man I loved

Interviewed Felix Velez, 63 years old, and he is my Father. In this interview I asked him questions that stirred up sweet and sad memories,but I got the most endearing answers.

Humanities Interview :>
October 26, 2018 App Interview

An interview made for my humanities class.

Interviewing my mom

I interviewed my mom in this recording. She talked about her life in the Philippines, moving here to America as a Physical Therapist, and my childhood.

Story Corp Socialization Interview

An interview with Rachel Burgess about her parentsand how they've affected her sense of self

The Best of Bruce (Full Interview)

Bruce, my step-dad, and I discuss some life lessons, experiences, and obstacles as a father with lots to share.

Interviewing My Mom

I interview my mom and she talks about her childhood and her experience coming to the U.S.

Persia Palmer

In this interview Susan Palmer answered many questions including what she is thankful for.

Christine Harrington

Christine is a very responsible and well being parent.

Interview with dad

In my interview we talked about one of my biggest flaws, procrastination. We discussed that although I push things off I try very hard at the end to make up for my lack of motivation.

I Am Better Now With Kids

In this interview conducted on November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Angelina Quach (16) interviews her mother Katherine Lam(36) about her life and how it led up to now. She tells stories about her childhood as she came...