Interview with mom

This was a interview with me and my mom. Service Learning.

Memoir Interview

I believe my mom to be a very intelligent individual who has gone through man life experiences. A lot of the questions I asked pertained to general life advice and outlook. I think her answers were great.

interview with my mom

this is an interview with my mom and she is answering some things that I would like to know her opinion on

Dad interview

I interviewed my dad in this recording, March 26, 2023.

Wonder Woman (aka my mom)
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Here I interview my mom, Cyndi Giberson, about her experience as a young mom and now as a mom of 4. We talk about what it was like to grow up with me, and how being a parent can completely...

Bonita Hill and Justin Mann

One Small Step conversation partners Bonita "Bonnie" Hill (68) and Justin Mann (69) share some memories of their upbringing, discuss their families, and talk about their jobs and what they have learned throughout their careers.

Interview with my father

An interview with my father Stephen Stoltz, aged 53. He answers life advise questions. He also speaks about experience.

A Deep Talk With Grandaddy
October 21, 2022 App Interview

My Grandad Dennis, age 73, and I have a heart to heart about life, the future and our deepest memories.


The interview began with the discussion of how being a parent changes you and your perspective on the life. It shifted to advice on how to raise your own child and what is important for that child to be given...

Amanda: from “free range kid” to urban parent

Amanda grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio as a "free range kid" and now hopes to raise her son to feel connected to nature.

Jackie Adkins and Theresa Adkins Lewis: A Mother-Daughter Conversation

On Mother's Day 2020, Theresa Lewis (48) interviewed her mother, Jackie Adkins (85), to discuss a range of topics that allowed Theresa to learn more about her mother. Specifically, they talked about Jackie's joys and sorrows throughout her life and...

More Than Colleagues

We talked about Chris’ life growing up and who he is now, about our friendship, about parenting and about how he would like to be remembered.

Great Thanksgiving Assignment with Dad

I, Alyssa Marino, interviewed my father, Robert Marino. I am a 14 girl and my dad is 38. I asked my dad a selection of questions that I thought represented our relationship perfectly.

The Mom Talk

This is a conversation with my mom about life, loss and everything in between.

Kurt Wahl and Susan Beesley Talk family memories, youthful mistakes and getting along with Covid-19.

Kurt Wahl: 2020-11-25 23:03:38 Kurt Wahl, 58, brother-in-law to Sue Beesley talked about old times; kids and marriage; and driving the old VW bug across the country without air conditioning. Sue talked about work and getting layed off because of...

Jill Roberts Manson and A. Roberts III

Jill Roberts Manson (57) interviews her father, A. "Jim" Roberts III (80), about his life and legacy.

interview with ava

Aidan Bird (me), 21, boyfriend Ava Grenko, 19, girlfriend

Interview With Margaret

Maggie has enjoyed being a mother to her sunshine Sammy.

Interview With Parent

Interviewer: Jose Gonzalez Interviewed: Father This interview mostly discussed about the life of my dad and his experiences.

LaMeesha Courtney and Brandy Hibbs

One Small Step conversation partners Meesha [no name given] (45) and Brandy [no name given] (39) talk about pregnancy, abortion, parenting, divorce, Black Lives Matter and white privilege.

The story of my papa

my dad, Jeff starling who is 43. And me Milo starling who is 22. We talked about his life stories and when he met me.

Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon (82) talks with his children Allegra (42) and Jeremy Gordon (36) about stories from childhood, science experiments, and his unique path from physics to the psychology of encounter groups and psychics in the 1970s, and into a career...