My wonderful mother

I asked my mom questions about her past and what she liked to do. I also asked her what she does for a living and some of her favorite memories.

Gran Interview

America then vs America now vs America in the future

Great holiday listen

This is the story of my dad’s life. He went through many struggles in his struggles, he stayed determined and worked hard. It was hard at first, but he had hope and his business grew and he was happy. When...

Meh momeh

I asked my mother an arrange of questions along the lines of her marriage, parenthood, past, and regrets in life.

Service Learning Project

This is an interview about questions about the past of my friends life.

Brother Interview

This interview was about me asking 8 questions about my brother life, for an example like what was his favorite memories, and what lessons he learned threw out his life.

Monumental moments part 2

The phone for some reason stopped recording so this is part 2 (summary will be found in part 1)


Memories and learning experiences

Interviewing Dad

My dad talked about his past, the present, and his hopes for the future.

Caleb Pressley

How did Caleb's past lead him to where he is now.

Sue Kraft talks about her past and future.

We talked about her childhood and how it is so much different from today.

Interview with Michael Hopkins

He talked about his past and what effects that had on his life. We also talked about his present and how he viewed some things he did in the past.

Nephew interviewing Aunt

In this interview, conducted in November 26, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Tauseef (14) and Sajeda (26) are in a phone call about Sajeda’s experiences.

Marisa Malto: Our Past

An interview with my little sister about who we are and what we did in the past.

Walter Plumb IV and walterplumb5

I interviewed my dad to get to know him better and learn more about his past. I wanted to find out how he chose the career he did and what led him to being in land development. He also is...


We discussed her past expierences and present opinions.

Scout and Nana 1 on 1

Linda McMaster and Scout McMaster talk about what Nana’s life was like.

Perspective of my JROTC Instructor on Life
April 29, 2022 App Interview

This interview was meant for us to better under the viewpoints on someone who is in an older generation than mine.

My Poppa and I

I talked to my grandfather about his past. We also discussed how his past will change future generations.

Interview with dad

Talking about the past and present of my dads life

Beginning, present, and what’s yet to come

Ana Enriquez (18) and Mauricio Enriquez share a conversation about his start as a parent and how it’s going so far.