Interview with Baba

My dad who is a Syrian refugee speaks about his childhood and what he had to go through being an immigrant.

Learning about Mom and her past.

In this interview conducted by Isaac Morales conducted on November 14 2020 we learn about his mother’s past. Norma Parra tells his son about what her life was when she was younger and how it made her who she is.

My Step-Mother’s talk about her life and choices that were made.

My step mother talks about her life in the past, present, and future. She mentioned her proudest moments that makes her happy in life, to the regrets and how she would change it if she had the chance.

My Mom, Michele

We talked alot about different factors that influenced her life through her creative side.

The past forty years with my grandfather
February 24, 2018 App Interview

The past forty years with my grandfather

Mom’s Story

This interview was about a conversation between me and my mom about her past and present experiences.

English Interview

A small interview with modest questions about the past, present, and future of Benjamin Hall-Agerton.

History (H) Project – Interview
November 29, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma and we talked about her life, asking some simple questions about her growing up.


Interviewing my grandma was so fun. I appreciate and understand what she is to me now.

Thanksgiving Interview Project

This was a good experience. I think learning and hearing bout how different life was a while ago is interesting.

My dad’s past

Basically my dads past and present and his feelings


I talked with my dad and got a glimpse of his past.

Christine’s Life

This interview was brought back to my mother, Christine Benedetto, life. She shared her feelings, attitudes, and relationships.

Sharon’s interview

Sharon tells us a little about her past.

Dad interview

We talked about he’s life

The one and only good interview.

This interview is basically about what it was like back in the late 50s when my dad was around and getting jobs and what his experiences where like combing to the U.S.

The great listen

Me and my father talking about his life