Kit Hough

During this interview we discussed kits life in regard to his childhood, marriage, children, and career, etc.

Why my niece is one of the greatest teachers I know.

This is a story about the journey of a inner city teacher. The things that inspired her and her students.

Thanksgiving 2021

We talked about life experiences and how people in my family were as kids. We also talked about some of her favorite family memories

Preston and Efrain’s E3 adventure

Preston and Efrain reflect on the impact of video games in their lives and the spontaneity of E3

Jane Reffelt interviewing Elizabeth Reffelt

Mother daughter interview on influential people, regrets, and past family history.

Interview with Randy Miller

An interview with Randy Miller outlining his career highlights.

Interview with Winton

Winton talks about his experiences traveling around the world

A few minutes with Nikki Barnett

For this interview we spoke about a key terms for success and overall experience in life, from growing up to adulthood

What are you thankful for?

Mrs. Stith and I talked more on family relations. We talked on how past experiences shapes who we are today.

Reflecting on Family Heritage

An interview with mom who is reflecting and remembering her past life in Belarus, touching the topics of heritage and how her experiences were shaped by important people in her life.

I went to nursing school in the basement

I interviewed my grandmother to capture a piece of her life with StoryCorps.


My Father's life and his opinions on some events/past-life

A Person Who Has Impacted My Educational Career

The people in your life will teach you lessons that will make you have no regrets because it’s a learning experience.

Interview with Grandma

People and events that were important in her life.

Drew Cason and Donna Bozeman
December 30, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Drew Cason (34) and Donna Bozeman (65) discuss travel, their personal political values, and how the country can come together after divisive elections.