Interview with Mama

I asked my grandmother a few interesting questions to get to know her a little bit more than I did before.

Mimi and Me

In this interview I asked my grandma of 83 years old about her childhood, her husband, her children, and other worthwhile life happenings

English 1 Interview

I interviewed Pastor Tom at United Church of Christ in Saint Paul about his personal life and his thoughts about religion.

Grandpa paul

I interview my grandpa about his values and history of his life

Soc 110

I am interviewing my roommate, Karen about her life and religious views.

Craig Cowles

My grandmother was a hard working woman, who speaks about her love for family and God. She has undergone many obstacles throughout life that made her who she is today.

Pakou Thao Interview

My step cousin wasn't born in the U.S. I interviewed her to see if her experience is different from mine and if she thinks religion is important.

A man named Wyatt

We talked about how religion played a role in his life and some life stories.

My Grandma Jayne’s Religion and Spirituality

My Grandma Jayne talks about the role religion and spirituality has played in her life.

Dusty W. on growing up in an “Appalachian Holiness Church”

A short interview with Dusty W., who grew up in an Appalachian snake-handling family. Dusty explains his family’s beliefs and his own spiritual outlook.


We talked about growing up and childhood memories. Also about religion and our family heritage

Listening to Others Assignment

Interviewing my mother on her up bring, feminism, and religion.

Childhood and Religion with Brenda Lostocco

My grandmother, Brenda Lostocco, talked with me about her childhood, important relationships, and her faith and the legacy she hopes to leave.

Christians life and beliefs

I have known Christan for six years. I decided to interview him about his beliefs.

Paula Sandusky – New York Trip

My aunt talked about her job, her life before the center and after.

Talking with Kendall about Holidays, Religion, and Politics 2018

Kendall and I talk about a few different topics. Start with her family traditions and holidays. We then go into religion and finally end with the current state of politics in the United States.

Kristin McAtee and Marc Dreyer

One Small Step conversation partners Rev. Kristin McAtee (53) and Dr. Marc Dreyer (75) met for the first time virtually for a conversation. In it, they discuss what brought them to a career in the church, what the phrase "defunding...

George Ozburn and Conor Miles

One Small Step conversation partners George Ozburn (46) and Conor Miles (34) talk about growing up in Fresno, their families, and their political views.