Martha Martin

Her childhood and thought about life

Toby Linkin talking to Robert Linkin

Toby Linkin asks questions to his father about religion, work, and politics.

Beatrice Martinez

She talked about her youth and her families struggle with money. She had to help out around the house and worked with her dad to earn money.

Grandma 2019
November 30, 2019 App Interview

This is an interview looking inside my family history through the lens of my grandmother, Donna Vestre.

Dad’s Immigration Story

Ashin(15) interviews his dad Benny(54) about his old life in India.

Oral History Project

I chose to interview my sister for my oral history project.

Thanksgiving 2019 With Herma Elkins Part I

Intimate conversation with my grandma. She is 89 and the last living person from her family.

Vincent Vogel and his Uncle Guy Williams talk about Family life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We talked about his early life. I also asked about his family growing up. Guy talked about his marriage and his wife and children. He also mentioned his views on religion. Overall it was a very fun interview and I...

The Great Cultural Conversations of 2020: Susie Vinson and Bekah Allen

My Grandma and I talked about her ups and downs of life and some people who she is most fond of in her life.

Esmeralda Flores and her mom Yolanda Campos talk about Yolanda life

This interview is between Esmeralda Flores and her mother Yolanda Campos. In the interview we talk about how life was for my mother and what was her favorite moments. We also talk about her religious background and how it has...

Interviewing Jorden Xavier on superheroes, religion, and modern culture

A friend and I talked about things we find interesting, from superheroes to religion.

Interview of Richard Erickson by Ken Erickson

Richard Erickson talks about his experiences with martial arts and soul searching

Beliefs of Siena

My roommate Siena and I discussed why she is the way she is today and her views on religion as well as God.

Vey’s Ways

My sister, tells her views on certain topics and her aspirations for her future and my future.

Pastor David

We talked about Pastor David’s life and his life story. He also gave very valuable advise for youth today


This was about my Aunt giving examples and explaining her belief of her religion and what it means to her and how she acts on it

The Superintendent

We spoke of barts time in the military, his relationship with God, and his advice for success.

The Life of Rhonda Rogers

In this interview I talk with my Nana, Rhonda Rogers. We discuss topics such as parents, drugs, teenage years, and religion.