technology from mother to child

I discuss technology and dig into my moms point of view.

Interview with my grandma!

We talked about her childhood, where she grew up, school, memories, jobs, and how she met her partner!

Interview with Perri Beth Druen

In this interview with 53 year old Perri Beth Druen her 14 year old daughter, Caroline, asks questions about work, love, and even a nickname related to a president!

Interview with Mr Pirrone

General life questions. Started with talking about family and familiar origins. Shifted to personal life, particularly work life and accomplishments

History StoryCorps Project-Peyton Coppins

In this interview, I had the pleasure of learning a great deal about my school counselor. The lessons and experiences she had growing up are ones I will take with me, and I hope to experience ones just like it.

Elijah Wiseman and Joan D.

Joan D. talks to Elijah Wiseman about growing up as one of the only African-American children in her neighborhood and school

How COVID-19 has affected schools

Talked about how COVID-19 has affected schools, feeling unsafe at work.

Van La & Nhu La
December 18, 2020 App Interview

Van La & Nhu La, a teenager talked about her growing up and school experiencing as a migrant in the U.S.

Practice interview
November 11, 2021 App Interview

Happiness throughout life and growing

Practice Interview

This interview was about myself and my experience of a job and my worst thing I’ve done as a child

Class Interview

Interviewing stranger for class.

Recording – 08-18-2023 11:50:32

I interviewed Mirna ask her about bsic question about what she likes and what she doesn't

ap government interview

we talked about how america handled the pandemic. Also what change would be good in American

in the mind of derek torres

digging a little deeper into the mind of the high school senior derek torres. his life a little more in depth. how and who he is what made him who made him.

IB Lang Lit Kayla Boger

Culminating activity for Weldon IB Lang Lit

Teacher's perspective on storm and stress inside and outside of the classroom.

My name is Mary Flores and I am a sophomore education major interviewing Paula Digiorgio, an elementary school teacher in Florida on May 4th 2022.

Interview with Sebastian & Pamela Sinclair

This is an interview with my grandma on my dads side who was a child during World War Two. During the interview we mostly talk about her child hood but also her memories from life in general.

Interview with mother

Interviewer - Cooper Huntington-Bugg Interviewee - Tracy Huntington talked about her time at TCC and starting her business

"Schooling" COVID-19 – Comments on how varying levels of education were affected by the pandemic

A discussion amongst family members about their experiences related to education and how they were impacted by the pandemic. Erin (25, They/Them) was furloughed from their job at the start of the pandemic, and then chose to resume college courses...

A simple look into the life of a middle school child

A simple look into the life of a middle school child in the middle of a pandemic

Story Corps Interview

This interview is based upon multiple events that happened in Kevin’s life that explains his views and experiences growing up then becoming a teacher.