Talking with my 7th grade literacy teacher after 2 years.

During 7th grade a had a lot issues in school especially in literacy. If it weren’t for this teacher I don’t know if I would be as invested in my learning as I am today. The interview is a bit...

Mr. Shawn Spiess reflects on his time with Rocklin High School, from his first few years, to leaving, and his return nine years later.

This interview is part of Rocklin Flash’s 25th Anniversary series. Mr. Spiess is a teacher who has taught at RHS for nine years; he currently directs four choral ensembles and teaches piano lab and technical theater. With choir student Anne...

A long conversation with my grandpa by his favorite grand daughter

Hi, my name is crystal Avelar. My grandpa and I had a long conversation about everything and anything. He was talking to me about all his memories and his favorite times growing up.

Angel and Jacka, Dec 2017

Angel left his assignment to the last minute, and I helped him out.

Genuine at Heart

Elizabeth is going to touch on memories from California and when she came to Utah. She is going to talk about how much she loves school and why she chose this specific job. I interviewed my college advisor and I...

Jon Volpe and his aunt Betty interview about family background and school

Jon Volpe and Aunt Betty talk about past family experiences and school opinions.

My Mother, a Doctor

This was an interview conducted for the purposes of my AP Lang and Comp class. I ask my mother first, questions about her childhood and growing up. Then the questions gradually progress to the topic of academia and more specifically...

Life of an 82 year old

We talked about her life as a child and school. We talked about what her town was like and farming as well as a brief story about her time in the great depression

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her life and when she was younger. She also talked about some of our family members, my mom when she was younger

Michaela Traill

I interviewed my brothers girlfriend Nicole today and had some good laughs while learning about her life.

Isabelle’s Journey

Learning about a young girls challanges while growing up to get a more depth understanding.

Tanisha Khare interviews Carol Tabaka about her teaching experience

This interview talks about Carol Tabaka’s teaching experience. It shows how she has grown to become a teacher and her feelings about teaching.

Vi and daughter Grace

Our lives, equality, changes and education

My fear story

This is the story of my fear and what happened and its a true storu

Amina interviews Maria her grandma and her journey through life

Maria describes her journey and life to Amina. She has gone through ups and downs and tells Amina all about it.

Megan and Tess’s interview of frustration pt2

Continuation of interview that is for some reason really complicated to upload

Interview with mom
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Me asking my mom random question about her life mostly about her childhood and her teenage years

Interview with Frieda Lee Lum, my great aunt.
November 28, 2017 App Interview

I asked my Great Aunt questions about her life growing up. It was interesting how different it was to mine.