Kaelan and Aryanna by Janelle

Independence High School and how it helps me.

Thanksgiving Listenung Project Interview

Interviewed my dad for the Thanksgiving Listening Project. I learned about his school, favorite teacher, summers, voting, and life lessons.

Great Grandmas Altamirano and Huntley

Conversations of early life, the similarities of life through out California in the 40’s and 50’s, Love life

My Experience With Bullying And How That Has Changed My Perspective On Leadership

Audrey and I talk about my experience with moving across the country, going through bullying, and my mental health journey and how I feel like these things impacted how I present myself as a leader.

Practice Covid Interview

Maxwell and I discussed his life during Covid and the struggles he faces. This also includes how his emotions and social life changed during these times.

Learning About My Grandmother’s Experience Going Through Higher Level Education

My grandmother tells me about her experience as one of the first 7 women who graduated from the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania.


We talked about my dads life as a child and people who inspired him.

Interview with Dad

This interview is with my father and we talk about his childhood memories in Egypt and many things about his life and family

Becoming a helping hand!

In this interview I asked my sister questions on her experience in working in UCLA hospital and how she got there.

Interviewing Bobbie

I asked Bobbie about growing up as a military child and her career choice

Interviewing Daniel

I interviewed my boyfriend Daniel. He’s usually really awkward so I first asked him a few basic questions as a warm up and then went on to ask a bit more serious ones.

Jenna W’s Life

I asked Jenna Weinman various questions about her childhood and family to understand deeply as a person.

Uncle Paul

Interview with my uncle Paul. He is 61 years old

Jason Wu and his neighbor Carol Rice talks about growing up during WWII and wildlife preservation.
November 30, 2019 App Interview

Conducted in November 2019 in Barrington, Illinois. Jason Wu interview his neighbor Carol Rice about her childhood in Chicago and her numerous careers. Mrs. Rice shares her story of how the WWII impacted her childhood growing up, and elaborates on...

Life in Barcelona vs California

This interview is taken place April 2018 in Fullerton California. I am interviewing my 28 year old brother Kevin O’Connell who traveled abroad in 2016. He moved to Barcelona, Spain for a couple months to finish getting his degree. I...

Interview with Ariana Sosa

This is an interview I did with my friend and classmate Ariana Sosa. We covered many things like hobbies and memories!

Interview w/ B. Hilsen

We talked about B. Hilsen's years growing up and his years of school.

The Bear story

A young girl trapped in a room, clueless of what the outside world is like

My neighbor’s life

We talked about my neighbor growing up in the Chicago suburbs and how she loved school. We also talked about world war 2 and the Vietnam war.