A impromptu interview
September 22, 2022 App Interview

Tatum Wehnert and Riley Weaver both 16 ask some very important questions to each other. Including memories of youth and death

Interviewing my sister #2

Not very much we talked about what she was most proud of.

interview with my dad

I interviewed Brian Humphrey, who is my father, he is 37 years old. I asked him about his family and his job. I used him because the only grandparents that come around live in Georgia.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- My Nana

This is my 97 year old great-grandmother, Nana. She is such a fun spirit and I’m so glad I got to interview her. I do wish this was when we were together, but it still happened. :)

APUSH Extra Credit

I spoke with my grandfather, Gino Pazzaglini, about his life and his greatest achievements.

Memories of my mom in College & with her friend David.

Hear about a funny story of a cold night at college, and a heart warming story of David Dastmalchian.

Super Serious Talks with Seth, special guest Corey

Seth 20 and Corey 19 discuss different backgrounds and perspectives on our lives and how we ended up where we are.

Teachers Guild assign 1

I learned about what she likes and dislikes about school. I also learned about what she would like to change about school.

Recording – 10-16-2023 21:21:55

In this interview, my sister talks about how it was for her growing up. She also talks about how school was like for her when she was younger.

Noah’s interview

Noah Baughman interviews his four grandparents, Gail Van Roy, Howard Van Roy, Terry Baughman, and Trisha Baughman. Noah's grandparents tell him about what impacted their lives and some key moments in their lives.

Interview with Basir Mohammad

Basir talks about the values instilled in him growing up that has helped him to become a well-rounded and successful person.

Gael interviewing maria

Gael Gonzalez, 16 years old interviewing Maria Perez and it is November 22nd and we are interviewing before lunch and we discussed about our life.

“Spend as much time and be a part of your children as much as possible” A father shares his childhood with his son

Nicholas Scaletta interviews his father, Anthony Scaletta. They discuss various topics including Anthony’s childhood experiences, personal values/achievements and how life was different back then compared to now. His own neighborhood which he’s grown up in, and how life got him...

The Differences Between German and American Education with Katrin Wöckener

Katrin, a German University student, and I discuss the differences between our experiences as scholars in different countries.

An interview with my mom

My name is Maxmilian Mizis (16) and I interviewed my mom, Macy Geiger (43). We talked about what it was like living with two other siblings, her grandparents, school, and her job and how its changed from what she originally...

Talking to my Kuya

i talked to my older brother about various topics such as school, transitioning from philippine life to us life, and his health. he then proceeded to ask /me/ some personal questions. sorry that 2/3 of my face is cropped off...

Learning about M

Today I got to learn about someone who is very important to me. I got to learn about her life accomplishments, struggles and everything that goes along with that. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to have such a hard-working,...

Steele Johnson P3 English Interview

My Mother reflects on her life as a girl in the 80s, and what private school is like.

“Teachers take a hand open the mind and touches the heart.” by Kaden

I am Lincoln the interviewer and the person that I am going to interview is Ms. Lisa. She is a Teacher in Aoba international school. What I am going to interview her about is what her life was and how...

Interview with mom
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Me asking my mom random question about her life mostly about her childhood and her teenage years