A call from across the country that will make you smile

In this interview my great grandpa, Richard Mast explains his childhood, to his adulthood, and even when he served in the Vietnam War. He expresses the way he met and how he proposed to my late great grandmother (who I...

Storytelling Assignment-Interview with Aiden

Ava Shields interviews her twin brother Aiden Shields, and they discuss his thoughts and memories on his own life, his wants for the future, and his relationship with his sister, Ava.

The recollections and wisdom of Lani Hayduk in honor of his 75th Birthday as told to sister Tanya Detrik

Elizabeth Hayduk suddenly passed away at 38 years old, leaving her husband John with four children ages 2 ½ years to 16 years old. Lani Hayduk was their oldest child. In honor of his 75th birtday, his sister Tanya Detrik...

Anissa Campos and her father talk about his life during his adolescent years

In this interview, conducted on November 26th 2017, in Chicago, Illinois, I interviewed my father, Max, about his childhood in Mexico and in Illinois. We mostly went over some of his memories and what he accomplished when he was younger....

Father & Son

From Japan, Guam, the Phillipines and now America! Jaykob Garcia (13) interviews his father Sam Garcia (44). He describes his life from childhood to carrer as well as a full time job. He talks of those dear to him and...

Daniel Kelin, Ruth Kelin, Deborah Smith, and Daniel Kelin

Daniel Kelin Jr. interviews his father, mother and sister about family dynamics and siblings not present in the interview

Ariana and Mamama

n this interview, conducted on November 25 2018 in Santa Monica, California, Ariana Mousavi (13) interviews her grandma, Lourdes (Lula) Badkoubei about her childhood and growing up in Arequipa, Peru. She had hobbies like hanging out with siblings, camping and...

Grandma’s Childhood
February 28, 2018 App Interview

During this interview with my Grandmother we discussed the hardships and the positives of living life in England post-war. We touched upon her life as a child and the opportunities she got to encounter throughout her life. My grandmother explained...

My Great-Aunt Marcine’s Story

My great-aunt Marcine Mullen grew up in Alaska as the only sister of 5 brothers. She spent a lot of time outdoors with her father and loved spending time watching and cooking with her mother in the kitchen. She now...

Wyatt’s First Interview

This is a mother-son interview with Laurie and Wyatt, taken on December 3, 2017.

Brother, Sister, and drawings

Discussing drawings of hybrid human/animals while having a fun laugh.

Thanksgiving Extra Credit

Interviewing my baby sister and hoping I get somewhere with it.

Conversation with Grandma

Conversation about life. The good the bad and advice on how to do it right.

The Life of My Grandmother: A Woman of Grace, Faith, and Strength

Today we discussed the life, times, and legacy of my Grandmother Muriel Burke. We cover a range of topics from throughout her life, including her trials and tragedies, her overcoming of these and emerging triumphant from them. She is forever...

Focus-19 Interview #2

Interviewing on peoples point of view of COVID-19. Trying to get different points of views on how, COVID-19 affected or had a take-away on others.

Interview with Mimi

We talked about childhood memories and my mom and great grandparents. We also talked about cancer and what she’s grateful for.

Robert Edgin life stories, age 43

At the end, you hear me say it stopped (because the screen said so!) yet it recorded 10 more minutes of us talking, unknowingly. Don’t mind us! :)