Grandma Fox Interview

My great grandma is 92 years old. Her name is Dorthory Rae Fox; maiden name Terry. She is my grandmother's mother. Her birthday is May 5, 1925. She was born in Cisco, TX to Thomas Morrell Terry Sr. and Zora...

interview with my grandma

In this interview I learned about the history of my grandma (maternal) and how she grew up and about my great grandparents.

Chatting with Big Sis

Little sister interviews older sister, Michelle Delmas. They discuss her childhood and funny memories. She speaks about the memories she has of their brother that they lost. The interview ends with Michelle giving her sister advice.


We talked about her childhood and stuff that she wishes could have been different.

Madyson Harden and Wyanetta Johnson talking about the past.

Madyson Harden (16) talking with her grandma Wyanetta Jhonson (58) about memories of growing up and raising Madyson's mom. Also some advice given by Wyanetta to Madyson about finishing high school.


I interviewed my cousin who just finished college and is now happily working.

Interview with Aaron White (my little brother)

Here’s a interview of my brother and I from December 2021! Enjoy our conversation and hopefully us from the future can get a laugh out of this!

Two sisters talking about life

Just two sisters talking to each other about life and random things. We are just enjoying each other’s company.

Kaitlyn Gerstler interviewing her mom, Cheryl Gerstler, about her life

In this 2018 interview in Niskayuna, NY, Kaitlyn Gerstler (16) interviews her mom, Cheryl Gerstler (49). Cheryl shares what it was like growing up the youngest in her family in Venetia, PA. She then describes her decision to go to...

Interview with mom

This interview sums up most of my mother’s life up until today, it also explains the times she has had to go through and how so adapted to tough times.

Siblings and Lies

Sibling love and hate and ramifications of telling lies.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my dads childhood and what it was like. Also about his family like siblings and his children.

Jeanne Peirce 6/29
June 30, 2017 App Interview

My grandma talked about her favorite age, her siblings, and various memories that bubbled up during the interview.

Isaura and josh Vance

Today we talked about some of Josh’s fondest and scariest memories

Interviewing my sister

we talked about how she thinks of the world.

Interview Papa
November 25, 2018 App Interview

I got to talk to my grandfather about his childhood from the 1950s to now. From fishing to playing jokes on his friends, my grandfather always had fun. My grandfather loved to play baseball and football. He shared with me...

Interview of Dottie Hanly

My grandmother, Dottie Hanly, had a hard life as many people have had. She grew up with 7 siblings in a small home, many people that were close to her were in the military, and she got cancer. After all...

Patricia Watson Interview

In this interview, conducted November 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, Gabriel Watson interviews his mother, Patricia Watson about her family lineage, expectations in life, siblings, the location of her upbringing, and what she is most prideful of in life

Interview with Alicen Simpson

I interview my younger sister about her life and some of her memories/inspiration she has experienced throughout the years

jesuitnolapublicspeakingfall2017 Payton Hedrick interview with grandmother

I, Payton Hedrick (17) interviewed my grandmother,Jeanette Vitrano (63). My grandmother and I talked about her life growing up. We also talked about my family. We talked about her recent battle with breast cancer and how her recovery is going....