Tables turned: mother interviews son

A mother and son share an interview project from school.

Gonzalo y norma

This conversation is between gonzalo and norma. Norma is my mom and I ask her a few questions about her past.

Cameron’s interview

I talked about what I was greatful for

Ryan Lee

We talked about what his life was like as a child and how her grew up. One of the big ones was the first question about how kids are different now that what they use to be.

Mother and Son

I ask my mother a few questions and hope to get a few good answers

An Interview With My Dad

This interview entails me asking my dad questions regarding my infancy as well as questions concerning his family life as a child. He tells funny stories about my sister´s reaction to my birth, a heartwarming memory from my first month...

My Motha

This is a quick interview of me and my mom talking about her life and some experiences she had had over the years.

Interview With My Mom And I

Just a short little interview with ly mom to hear all of her interesting stories.

General Interview with my mother, about her childhood and our relationship.

A quick interview with my mom. We go over her favorite memory of me. We also go over what her childhood was like. We also went over who was very influential in her life. We, also, went over who she...

Interview with Mom (pre-first grandchild)

Interview with Mom, on Mother’s Day 2018. About 10 weeks out from the birth of my child, her first grandchild.

Mom and son

This is just about me and my mom and what she wants from her kids her grandkids and just the future.

Interview with my dad

Ben, a 16 year old, and his father, Steven, a 46 year old, have a conversation regarding his father’s childhood, his family, his teachers, and his hometown.

Interview With My Dad

We talked about what’s left in life and some highlights that have occurred.

The story of my mother

This interview is taken place in my humble warm place I call home. I interviewed my mom named Sandra Aguilar, who is the age of 35. In this she speaks about her life, her past experiences, the lessons she has...


We talked about the people who influenced him and what we would like to influence in me

What advice do you have for me about being a parent?

Lisa talks to her son, Ben, about the values and experiences that informed her priorities as a single mother of 3. She describes growing up in West Virginia, the challenges of raising high spirited boys, and finding strength and resilience...

The American Dream

At the age of seven, Jesse Marino and his family came to America to seek asylum from communism in Cuba. On December 22nd in Toluca Lake, Mia Phillips sat down with her family friend, Jesse Marino(58 years old), to learn...

I talk to my mother about her thoughts about me, primarily during me younger years of life.

I sit down an talk to my mother about her personal thoughts of me, her youngest son, over the years I’ve been around. For some reference the person named Kyle who’s mentioned a couple times is my older brother of...

Liam and Libbye

Interview with my awesome mother about her life and experiences

Living on an island and coming to America

Me and my dad talked about what living in Portugal was like and why the transition was like. And what was his memories like from when he was a kid and now.