Interview with Dad Barirani

In this interview I talk with my dad as the questions progressively sadder.

Life with Dad

A dad and son talk about their life and choices

Maria and Anthony Bristow share their story on how they cope with their son's suicide.

I interviewed Maria and Anthony Bristow to learn how they have coped with their son’s death. During the interview, we discussed how they felt about guns and gun regulations after their son’s suicide.

General Interview with my mother, about her childhood and our relationship.

A quick interview with my mom. We go over her favorite memory of me. We also go over what her childhood was like. We also went over who was very influential in her life. We, also, went over who she...

“Its Important to be surrounded by people that you love and they love you”

Today I interview my mom to get a better understanding on how she became the person she is today.

Interview with mom

Discussion of our parent - child relationship, and my mother’s relationship with her father.

My mother

My mother tells me of her life and what she believes to be her purpose in it.

Dylan’s Dad, Christmas 2017, Part 1

Part one of an interview with Dylan Gorman about his father, Bill Gorman. The mike cut out so I had to start a second interview in order to complete all the questions.

Tables turned: mother interviews son

A mother and son share an interview project from school.

Fathers Day 2020: Henry has questions for dad

Henry prepared questions for his father Eric Forsyth, to learn about his childhood

Me and Pops

A good talk about who and what molded him into the man he is today, and some knowledge and advice he’d like to pass on to me and my brother as young men

Interview With My Dad

We talked about what’s left in life and some highlights that have occurred.

Interview with my Mom

This interview Is between 12 year old Aidan Adams and Stacy Adams, his Mom while visting Kingston, NY during Thanksgiving.


We talked about the people who influenced him and what we would like to influence in me

What does the virus mean to my father?

Neil B. asks his father, John B. a few questions about how he feels about the pandemic.

Parent Interview

This interview was conducted between Noah Juan, 21, and his father Craig Juan age 51. The topic of parent hood and the relationship between the two was discussed.