Briani Bishop Interview

I ask Briani a few questions about herself

Life of a dreamer

How my uncle overcame adversity in his life to become someone successful.

“Life As a Transfer Student”

This interview consisted of me discussing how it is to be a teenager transferring to a new school in Virginia. I was able to interview my aunt who is a counselor at Glen Allen High School. The interview allowed me...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Tilahun

My father has been through a lot throughout his childhood and he dreams to make a better life for his children to be successful and achieve their dreams.

The art room to the courtroom

The struggles of Dave Welch from doing what he loved to doing what what necessary to support his family

Interview About my Dad’s life

Me and my dad talked about his life and how he sees it and what he wants to do later in life.

What Does Success Mean To You?

Interviewing my grandparents about their ideas of success and failure, and where these ideas came from.

Brianna McNeely and Mark Hansberger

Friends Mark Hansberger (67) and Briana McNeely (37) discuss how they came to work in family businesses and the pros and cons of such an environment.

Brogan Green athlete, business man roll model.

The young man on a mission to his goals and dreams

Opportunity Awaits

Ryan Lippert interviews his dad, Tim Lippert about how he has lived his life, how he has changed as a person, and what he faced growing up in southern Oregon.


Dyana and I talked about her success and how she did not realize how much repsonsibility came with being successful and an adult.

Interview with my mother about how she felt about my brother’s wrestling

I ask my mom how she reacted when my brother lost his first match at one of his first national tournaments, yet still came back to get third place. I interview her about the emotions felt and the relief of...

Mrs. Stelling talks to her student about her teaching experiences
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Mrs. Stelling, a music teacher at a gifted center, talks to Rishi Desai, her student, about her experiences over 45 years of teaching. She talks about what she loves most about teaching. She also mentions what her students have gone...

Define success and happiness (Ronnie&Nagy)

We go through what these things mean to her and how they play a part in her life.

Allen Woodall and Kaitlynn Griffith

Kaitlynn Ward Griffith (35) sits down with her grandfather, Allen Woodall Jr. (87), to discuss the lessons he has learned throughout his life, his passion for preserving history through museum curation, and each of their future hopes for the museums...

Storycorps Interview

My dad’s success story on running a business with almost having nothing.

The Importance of Hard Work

Eric Vadon speaks about the importance of education, hard work and family. He talks about the morals and events that shaped his life.

Vanessa Siverls, The Black Female Project

At dusk staring down the Mahanttan Bridge, Chloe and myself attempted the impossible. An interview in the streets of Brooklyn. I realized I thought I knew how to share on the fly but then other memories came up and I...