Success and the Path

My father takes me through his mindset of what success means and what drove him through his life.

Charlotte Brewer and Isabella Brewer discuss life in a small town in the Southern United States in the 1960s and 70s.

In this interview, conducted December 7, 2017 in Memphis, Tennessee, Isabella Brewer (15) interviews her grandmother Charlotte Brewer (63) about her life in multiple small towns in Arkansas in the Southern United States. Ms. Brewer describes her experience in school...

The family listen in

In the interview me and my nanny talked about our family. How she is very appreciative of her family and how loved she is. She also spoke about her hope for me which she said she would wish me happiness...

The Life of Carol

I interviewed my mom about the successes and tragedies in her life.

Edward Skolarus and his daughter talk about funny memories and family traditions

In this interview on November 17, 2017 in California, Alina Skolarus interviews her dad about his childhood in Carleton, Michigan. Edward Skolarus shares stories about his experience living on a farm in a small town. He also shares his favorite...

Journey to Magnificence with Mr. and Mrs. Lee

The amazing story of Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ellen Lee from their early beginnings to present day.

Nanu and Nanabhai

Life in Bangladesh during both the independence of India and Bangladesh

How Does One Decide to Go into Fashion?
February 25, 2019 App Interview

To dare to dream big is an impossible goal for many people, but not for a young woman named Victoria Crawford. Find out the mindset behind striving to achieve a unique goal.

Sugar Can’t Bring Him Down

“You’ll be dead by the age of fifty” Jerry Sraberg was told. 14 year old Demi Weitz interviews her grandfather, Jerry Sraberg, about how being a diabetic affected him in negative and positive ways and the obstacles he overcame. In...

Carmel Viado and Eva Dhimi

Good friends Carmel Viado (41) and Eva Dhimi (33) discuss how COVID has impacted their individual career paths and the work they have been doing to seek new ventures for themselves during this time.

My Uncles Interview

This interview with my uncle was mostly about life success and how there is keys to succes . I learned that to become successful you must give it 110 percent

Mr. Tamer interview

A great interview had with a very interesting person. Hope you enjoy!

Fear of Failure
January 22, 2019 App Interview

What is the difference between failure and success.

My Mom

All the things really made me learn more about my mom

Mommy and Me

We talked about my mom loving her job taking care of my brothers and I.

The Path to Somewhere

In this interview I talked to my sister about the path she has taken to end up where she is. She explains her current job, how she came about it, and gives advice to people who are in a similar...

Grateful Hearts

Moving from Taiwan at 13 years old Peter Wang was told that he was never going to be successful. Looking back on his life, he knows that the ones who teased and mocked him were wrong. He shares his wisdom...


We talk about he think when it older

The Narrative of my Father: John Hoegy

John Hoegy (Father), interviewed by Peter Hoegy (Son) talk about life and general topics on January 5, 2020, in Fort Mill, South Carolina. John Hoegy focuses on the success and health one needs to have in life. Additionally, he elaborates...

Grandpa’s rise to riches through his business, sports, and family!

In this interview, I interviewed my grandfather. In this interview I asked questions about my mother, his business, his life, myself, and his mentors. We had a nice interview with follow up questions and great conversations getting out great info...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with John Stewart

This was an interview on my great uncle John Stewart, a former pro football player and successfull low income housing developer. This is a general overview of his life story and the choices he’s made that lead to his success.