How technology shaped the way teachers connect with students.

Seth is interviewing his mother, Jenny, about how technology has changed in her classroom since she began teaching in 1997.

A Loving Mother

A sentimental interview of my Mom, who has not only been a great role model but an inspiration to live my life the best that I can. A life with patients, love, and God.

Grandad Atha: Seventy years beyond me in age and many more in wisdom
December 30, 2022 App Interview

James William Sr. Atha (87) is interviewed by granddaughter Emily Atha (17). Known to others as JW, Jim Willie, and Jim, James tells of his childhood memories and of the lessons he has learned from a blessed life.

Teaching During A Crisis: How My Mom Has Taught Through COVID-19

I took time and talked to my mom about how she has been teaching kindergarten online while everyone has been stuck home.

The fascinating life of Cara Fergiels.

This was a interview about one of my favorite teacher Ms,Fergiels. In this interview you will learn her amazing life and why she is who she is today.

Impact Lab – SF

Steven’s childhood in brief. His path to becoming a teacher... including his relatively brief time working at Apple.

development proj. – mo

In this interview, conducted via Zoom from New Jersey, US and Derbyshire, England, Hanako Moulton (17) interviews her father’s sibling Mo Moulton. Moulton shares stories on their experiences as a lgbtq+ teenager in Massachusetts, their career in academia, and their...

Clark Bernauer Mom Interview

This interview covers my mother’s life from growing up in a small town to becoming a teacher and a mother.

Ms Flanary

I interview Ms. Flanary about how was her life and about us too.

Like Souls

Charis interviews her English teacher about life, teaching, and everything in between.

Entering the mind of Mr. Torres

I, Natalya Walsh age 16, interviewed Tobias Torres, in his mid thirties (he will never specify). Torres is my theatre technology teacher and we discussed his life, regrets, and what led him to teaching.

William Yadron and Tiffany Woods

Coworkers in special education William Yadron Jr. (52) and Tiffany Woods (36) discuss equitable curriculum, administrative injustices, limitations of pedagogy, prejudice in the classroom, and gaps in access to resources for students.

Sage Gilbert interviews her grandma Rhona Gilbert for the 2019 Great Thanksgiving Listen.
November 30, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Piedmont, California, Sage Gilbert (13) interviews her paternal grandmother, Rhona Gilbert (71), sharing stories from Rhona’s life all across the world.

Linda Carter + Jeff Carter

[Recorded Saturday, June 11, 2022] Linda Carter () and Jeff Carter (Col '92) sit down to record a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Linda shares the influence growing up in a conservative, Christian household has had on her...

Story Corps Mrs Shannon

We talked about Mrs.Shannon, a science teacher and how her job has affected her life.

StoryCorps Interview- Debra and Louis Orlando

This interview today was with my mother, my greatest inspiration. She is a 27 year veteran teacher. She teaches 6th grade ELA & SS in NY.

Albert Connette and Charlotte Matthews

Albert Connette (62) shares a conversation with his spouse Charlotte Matthews (55). They discuss birding, writing, storytelling, and their perspectives on the world.

Become a biographer project

I only got to four questions out of six but one of the first questions that I asked got a very interesting response. All in all it was quite an informative interview about someone that I didn’t know too much...