Story Corps project

Me and my math teacher sitting down and listen to each other’s story.

Story Corps Peer

This was me asking questions to a peer of mine. His name is Nathan and both loved talking in this.

Momma in Quarantine by Hannah

A walkthrough of a few stories that make up my mom and how the pandemic has changed her teaching career and life.

Teacher in the Philippines

Grace Silab speaks of her experience as a teacher in the Philippines

Stepping Stones

We talked about the influence of science and the experience of being an older brother.

Teaching Moment

This is an interview about a memory that my mom shared of her teaching career, about two boys who shared a pair of shoes.

Interview with my dad

My dad’s life as a kid, a teacher, and the best father you could ask for.

What’s it like being a special education teacher?

I got the pleasure of interviewing my aunt to learn more about her profession. She’s inlove with being a special education teacher.

Early habits lead to long term success

Mrs. F talks about her early life all the way up to her present life and goals for her future.

Jason Hernandez Interview

Jason Hernandez talks about his struggles in college, his perseverance and future goals.

Michael Kahan and Sora Frankel discuss the year she spent in Indonesia as a teacher, 1965-66.

In 1965-66, Sora Frankel and her husband Aaron Frankel taught at the Joint Embassy school in Jakarta. In this conversation, Sora discusses teaching in the school, dealing with the results of the uprising of 1965, and employing household servants.

Jack Mattimore and Andy Horvath continued

Summmary of experiences regarding coaching and teaching

Sadie Levin and her past teacher Terry Gladstone talk about life influences, lessons and jobs.

In this interview, Created on November 26, 2017 in Manhattan Beach, California. Sadie Levin (14) and her past teacher Terry Gladstone discussed many influences that Mrs. Gladstone had in her life what led her to where she is today. We...


What it’s like being a teacher? Why do teachers choose that career

Frau Bauer story

The story of how our school's German teacher started to learn German and her reasons for teaching here

Interview with my Grandmother

My grandmother and I discuss her life as a teacher and traveller who hailed from Birmingham, Alabama

Emily Crowell and Fernando Ocampo

Emily Crowell (17) and Fernando Ocampo discuss being Argentinean, moving to the United States, and education.