Nidiffer Interview

We talked about his teaching career, how he has impacted others, and what the future holds for him.

American Dream Interview with Bridget Seymour

Interview with Ms. Seymour about her version of the American Dream.

Interview With Teacher

Interview with a teacher and her goals

Teaching in another country

Interviewing my aunt about teaching in South America


We discussed Charlie’s career trajectory.

Mrs. Hill Gets Interviewed by Jenny Lu
November 30, 2021 App Interview

A talk with Nancy Hill, a mother, Algebra teacher, (and someone who I thought is really funny and loved being around,) shares about the timeline of her life and touches on her childhood, career, toughest moments, proudest moments, as well...

A Loving Mother

A sentimental interview of my Mom, who has not only been a great role model but an inspiration to live my life the best that I can. A life with patients, love, and God.

An Interview with Betty Gray (BG) Brown

BG Brown discusses her life growing up in the South, living in the Northeast, her parenthood, and much more

An interview with Debbie

We talked about her upbringing with her family. Also throughout we had commentary from our dog yogi

The People Person of Pueblo CO

Sydney Studholme wanted to take this Thanksgiving break to interview one of the kindest people she knows. Her Nana, Sandra Faiola

Kathy Jacquart and Patricia Jacquart

Kathy: 2020-05-27 23:28:00 Kathy Jacquart (53) talks with her mother, Patricia Jacquart, about her life, her education, her teaching career and her thoughts on the covid-19 pandemic. Patricia share fond memories, lessons learned and advice for future generations.

Julia Wagner and her grandmother, Jean Hibbs, talking about Jean’s life as a teacher and some of her favorite memories.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Ringoes, New Jersey, Julia Wagner (15) interviews her grandmother, Jean Hibbs (75) about some of her favorite childhood memories. Mrs. Hibbs talks about her life as a teacher and shares stories...

Jennifer Moreno talks about what she’s grateful for as she reminisces life as a migrant

In this interview, Liz Plata (19) interviews her friend Jennifer Moreno (20) about her perspective on Thanksgiving as a Latina. She elaborates on how her family celebrates Christmas more than Thanksgiving as a result of being from Mexico, where they...

A customer service industry?

A dive into the similarities in the Nursing and Teaching fields, as well as the stress that accompanies it. You may have to turn the volume up, my mom's voice is very soft on this recording.

The great listen

I go to interview my dad on his life and experiences.

Lizzie, Sandra & Carlos

We talked about crying and teaching - but not at the same time :) ... not teaching while crying.

John Olerud, MD sits down with dermatology faculty from the University of Washington to discuss clinical teaching

John Olerud (77) is interviewed by several dermatology faculty from the University of Washington to reflect on and discuss how he has created an enriching teaching environment over the years.

Mr. Peters

In this interview I was talked by to John Peters who is a chemistry teacher at putnam high school. I asked Mr. Peters many questions about his past life and what he wants for his life for the future.

Albert Connette and Charlotte Matthews

Albert Connette (62) shares a conversation with his spouse Charlotte Matthews (55). They discuss birding, writing, storytelling, and their perspectives on the world.

Peter Lauricella on his life pre,during, and post Navy

Peter Lauricella speaks on being in the Navy during the Vietnam War, and his life after #HinghamOC2017