My interview with my mom
November 26, 2017 App Interview

A riveting interview with a fascinating woman.

Interview With mom

We touched on a little bit of everything from growing up , to inspiration , and to me of course.

A Look Inside The Life Of Dorothy Elizabeth Ross

In this interview, we talk about the milestones of my grandmother's life, before and after she was diagnosed with dementia.

Biggest Wedding Ever!

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Holly Graham (17) interviews her mother Stephanie Graham (52) about her childhood years through her college years. Mrs. Graham talks a lot about her husband, their wedding and their honeymoon....

Maddie Komatinsky and her Grandma talk about growing up in Wales and family and friends along her life path.

In this interview conducted on Nov. 26 in Manhattan Beach, California, Maddie Komatinsky interviews her grandmother, Anne, about her childhood and growing up. Anne shares thoughts, stories and memories of growing up in Wales, moving to he US, meeting friends...

Emily Crowder and her mom Jessica Crowder talk about Jessica’s stories

It was great being able to see what my moms life was like and what she thought of everything. It was also great to hear what my mom thought of me. I loved hearing how my mom saw family. Overall...

Carlie’s Practice Interview
November 26, 2017 App Interview

I am going to be interviewing my Mom and/or Dad because I want to learn more about their childhood and growing up

First Born: The Story of Katelynn

I interviewed my dad today on how my life has impacted his as a whole. My dad has been through so much for me and has made me a better person; from this interview I got to learn how I've...

This is the practice session for Andrew Horton’s interview

I will be interviewing my dad as we are going out of town for thanksgiving and I will be unable to interview anyone else.

Thanksgiving interview with Dad

My dad talked about how he is thankful for all the people the molded him into the person he is today.

This is the pratice session for Kailee delattres interview

I will be intervieeing my mom because she has always been my hero and has had a interesting life.

Thanksgiving Interview

An English assignment over Thanksgiving break to “talk to someone that has lived a little.” Life lessons, religious beliefs, and influences on our lives were some of the main topics.

Johb Thomas and his grandmother Annabell leggins talking about life growing up

Me and my grandmother talked about her history living around old town. Here she experiences the most wonderful memories and continues to make more today. We talk about her level of education, her history in highschool and what she enjoyed...

Life and Baseball

Cameron Koegel (15) interviews his grandfather, David Smith (78). They talk about everything from growing up in Flint during World War Two, to their shared love of Baseball. Fun moment about a radio and a four year old during the...

Aimee Eckstine

Alexis Eckstine talks to her mother Aimee on her life growing up with a traveling father, and her life lived in Kuwait before the war broke out.

Roark Psychology Project_Sullivan

This interview with my great great aunt DeeDee Smith. This interview is her sharing her opinions of the world around her today and the changes she has seen.

Ankit Jain and his Mother Rashmi Gupta talk about the lessons she’s learned in life.
November 30, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted on Thanksgiving 2017 in Albertson, New York, Ankit Jain (16) interviews his mother Rashmi Gupta (52) about the lessons she learned while growing up in India and moving to America. Mrs. Gupta shares stories about playing...

Dijonay Brown and her Mother Kerry Anson talking about growing up as a teenager and how different her generation was

In this Interview made on Nov.26 , 2017 in Orlando , Florida. Dijonay Brown (15) and Kerry Anson (39) explains her fun life growing up in Kingston , Jamaica and how you shall live your teenage years. Ms.Anson also shares...

Past, Present, and Future Life of My Father

For this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Columbia City, Indiana, Colin Temple (17) interviews Dave Temple (41) about his life. Colin is asking questions surrounding the life of Mr. Temple and getting answers for the interview. Mr. Temple will...

Traditions from Growing Up on an Ohio Farm

I called my grandma who now lives in Mascotte, Florida to interview her. It may be hard to hear at some points throughout the recording since the interview is over the phone. I asked my grandma, who is 66 years...

Gloria Hurtado talks to her dad Agles about his life growing up

In this interview that was done on November 27, 2017 in Cicero, Illinois, Gloria Hurtado (17) interviews her dad Agles Hurtado (39) about his family and how he has evolved as a person both in Mexico and America. Mr.Hurtado talks...