Edmond Boudreaux’s Experience with Integration

This interview was recorded in Oxford Mississippi on November 26. I interviewed Edmond Boudreaux who is my grandfather and was born in Georgiatown, South Carolina and now lives in Biloxi Mississippi. He talks about public bus integration and his first...

My Grandma’s Interesting Perspective on Modern History

The interview covers my Grandma's perspective on her life and important events of recent history including The Civil Rights Movement, Feminism, JFK's Assasination, and 9/11.

Thanksgiving 2018 Aunt Anna and Uncle George

My great aunt, great uncle, and I spoke about my family's heritage and their childhoods. We discussed the family origins, childhoods, and the heritage of our Greek side.

Jesse Weaver talks about his childhood.

In this interview, on November 25, 2018 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Monique Washington interviews her grandfather Jesse Weaver about his childhood. Mr.Weaver shares stories about him involved in the army. He also will discuss his past jobs, Sports, and advice to...

Reflections on a life well lived
November 25, 2018 App Interview

My grandpa and I talk about the difficulties of life and how he has perservered through it and the opportunities he has taken in personal and work life!

An interview with Abuelo

I interviewed my grandfather who immigrated to the U.S. from Peru for my school project.

Lessons and life stories with my mom

This interview tell us about Somi’s life stories and the struggle she went through coming from Korea to America. Also about how she first found out she’s going to become a mother and the struggle she went through learning how...

Amazing Interview with Pepe Part 2

In this interview, we talked about my grandfather’s childhood, his parents, his various careers, and our family. His childhood was tough. His various careers and hobbies were absolutely amazing and some how connect to each other. I’ve learned so much...

Jack Noble interviews his grandfather Alan Mensch on his life and his accomplishments

Jack Noble interviews Alan Mensh on November 22nd in Arnold Maryland starting with his childhood and school experiences as Jew. Then they discuss his jobs as a teenager until he joined the army as a medic during the war. Finally...

The Great Listen
November 27, 2018 App Interview

Story of a girl from northern province of Thailand and her view toward Vietnam War

Elena interviews her grandfather Frank.

This interview was taken on November 19, 2018 in Severna Park, Maryland. This interview includes Elena Tator (13) and her grandfather Frank Formica (77). He talks about where he grew up which was New Jersey. He was in school plays...

Getting To Know My Mom

This Interveiw was about getting to know my mom we talk about her success in life while she does her favorite thing to do which is hair as she continue on with her interview she enforces me to look after...

Cecilia Munoz’s Test Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2018

In this test recording, Cecilia Munoz at Egg Harbor Township High School in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, records a practice audio file for the 2018 pilot of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. Cecilia is in grade 10 and is studying...

Allison Gallardo and her step-grandfather Rafael Jimenez talk about growing up in the Dominican Republic

In this interview, made on November 5th, 2018 in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Allison Gallardo (15) interviews her step-mother's father, Rafael Jimenez (56). Together they talked about his childhood in the Dominican Republic; how his childhood was normal, how their school system...

Great thanksgiving listen #Dad

I interviewed my father about some of his childhood memories and he told me some stories that were really interesting.

A Blessed Life

Elizabeth Moriarty Wootten recounts her early life in Mt. Kisco, NY and discusses how she wants to be remembered as her mother was.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, the participant talked about their childhood and their dreams for future generations. He noted how he wished that Generation Z and their children could be as carefree as he was as a child.

The Great Thanksgiving with Tamsin and Jim

I talked with my dad about his experiences. This isn’t particularly thanksgiving related but it gave us an opportunity to talk.

From Sicily to America
December 10, 2018 App Interview

Salvatore Biondo, Sr., is an immigrant from Sicily who came to America when he was twelve years old. In this interview, his granddaughter Alyssa prompts him to recount his unique stories of growing up.

Vicki Nelson talks about her young adulthood and becoming a parent.

My grandmother talks about the time when she was a young adult and her motherhood. Also, she talks about the Vietnam War from the perspective of the wife of a national Guardsman.