Living His Best Life

My interview with my Great Uncle Steve was nothing short of spectacular. I learned a lot about his interesting life story and was able to discover the secrets of how to live a long and happy life. We talked about...

Mom and Dad early relationship and family

Steve interviews Mom and Dad, aka Carl and Martha, about their teenage years, dating, meeting each other, proposing, early life together and having their two wonderful children.

The life experiences and regrets of marvin morales

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Miami, Florida, Angeline Morales(13) interviews her dad Marvin Morales(53) about his younger self and how it was growing up back then. they also talk about life regrets and accomplishments.

Life in Flint Michigan

In the interview we mainly talked about main points of my dads life. We talked about things like his childhood, teenage years, jobs, and wife. He has spent his whole life living in Flint.

My dad, Vail Horton, talking about his childhood and his career path as a disabled man

Vail Horton was born without legs, and with deformed arms. He was put up for adoption at birth, and adopted by a couple from california. His childhood was difficult at times, but with perseverance, he gained strength and the will...

How My Dad Overcame His Life Challenges

This interview was done on December 1st, 2019 in my family's living room. In this interview, my dad, Nitin Panchal mentioned that he had to overcome many obstacles in his life. These barriers made it more difficult for him to...

Interview of my mom

Interviewed my mom and we talked about things from her past

“I was so happy”

Julianna Williams, 17, asked her Grandmother, Anita Payen, 77, about the favorite memories and the person that was the most influential in her life.

“Just A Lot of Imagination”

In Flushing, New York, a hardworking father, George Dakis, and his 14-year-old daughter, Christina Dakis, converse about his life in a Greek-American household. They talk about his inspiring life and the hardships he went through to become the man he...

Natalie Swope interview Genevieve Jones about her journey throughout college.

Natalie Swope interviews Genevieve Jones at her home in Maryland. Genny learned all about what she wanted to do in life throughout college and trial and error. She had a lot of help along the way by encouraging adults. One...

Me and my Nannu

This is an interview of my nannu’s life up until his first child we talk about growing up jobs and more

Back in the Day

For The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019, Alex Naumchik, a junior, interviews his Grandmother, Gloria Vassallo. In this interview, Gloria talks about her childhood with her two siblings and the lives of her parents. She talks about the importance of religion...

Immigrating from Ecuador to the USA

I discussed my grandmother’s experience immigrating to America from Ecuador and how it has affected her.

Ashtyn Browning & Elsie Browning

I interviewed my grandmother and asked her questions about her life. She is someone really important to me and I lover hearing her perspective about life.

“Challenge yourself for what you think you can’t do.”

On December 1st, 2019, Karina Lo speaks with Belinda Lo, who is her mother. Karina asks Belinda about her childhood and the experience from when she came to America. They discuss about the hardships and challenges Belinda went through to...

A Mom Shares Stories of Growing Up and Paving the Way for A Better Life.

in this interview a daughter(Alayla) and her mother (Maraline) talk about growing up, not fitting in, struggling, and finding.

Interview with my dad

This is an interview between me and my dad. He talks about his 10 year experience in the military and goes in depth with his favorite and least favorite memories, the different roles he played, and the living conditions of...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019: Abraham Assad's Inspiring Life in a Nutshell

I was lucky to interview Abraham Assad, and inherit countless life lessons from an amazing example. From his love for Penn State to his faith in Jesus Christ, we discussed his whole life in just a little over 40 minutes....

A Mother Talks About Things She's Learned Growing Up and Shares Some of Her Favorite Memories

This interview takes place in Flint, MI on December 17th, 2019. Emily asks her mother about some lessons she has learned growing up. The two talk about how Heidi has passed down those lessons to her own daughters to help...