Interviewing My Sister

In this interview, recorded on April 2020 in North Hills, California, my sister Monica Rodriguez (18). She talked about her childhood growing up as the oldest in a small neighborhood. She also talks about people most important to her and...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen extra credit

I asked many personal questions about my moms childhood. I also asked questions about me and had her tell some entertaining stories of our family.

My sister’s love for performing

Rachel explains her childhood memories of dancing. She also tells me how she fell in love with preforming. She wants this career more because it is hard to achieve. She lastly give great advice to others who want to pursue...

Life in America and Life in Korea

Hanmin speaks with her father Il Kug Kim. In this interview Il Lug Kim talks about his life in Korea, when he had to serve in the military, and what he learned throughout his life. He talks about how his...

My Mom

We talked about what she liked to do as a kid and what it was like living in Minnesota. We also talked about her High school and college experiences.

Interview with Jill Speaker

Speaking with my mom about her life growing up, and how her past self would view her current self.

Thanksgiving interview

I interviewed my grandma for Thanksgiving to know a little bit more about her

A Moment with my Mom
December 2, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, me and my mom talk about her childhood and her memories with her mom as well as being a parent and what lessons she has learned throughout her life.

“Just A Lot of Imagination”

In Flushing, New York, a hardworking father, George Dakis, and his 14-year-old daughter, Christina Dakis, converse about his life in a Greek-American household. They talk about his inspiring life and the hardships he went through to become the man he...

Tell me about your childhood

This is an interview with my grandma Susan. We talked he childhood and her memories over the years. She shared many stories about how her brothers and her doing fun things with their dad. The one story I remember the...


Me and my Papa Herbie did a grand interview about his past, present, and future

Arthur’s Battle

I talked to my grandmother and my grandfather about my great grandfather Arthur and his war time and his experience. #oceansideschool4

“Follow Truth and Life Wherever it Leads You” Tanager on Growing Up In Maryland and Oklahoma

In this interview, conducted in November 2019, Allika (16) interviews her mother, Tanager (40) on the subject of growing up in Maryland and Oklahoma during the '80s and '90s. Tanager shares funny and sad stories alike from her childhood all...

"I Love You, baby. Be good"

Maci Mercurio, a junior at EHTHS, conducts an interview with her pop pop John D'intino. This interview takes part of The Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2019. Her pop pop is someone who Maci views as extremely wise, loving, and funny. Throughout...

Lauren’s Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my older cousin Jamie who is my best friend. We talked about how we first met and her life experiences.

My Grandmother's Values

My grandmother talked about what her life was like growing up in Flint, Michigan. She talked on her parents, and what her job as a Nurse was like. She explains why her family is so important, and also her religion