interview with mom

My mother name is Francisca Torres. My mom is 46 years old. On November 26 2023 we talked about how her life was and how being a mother also her work.

“He taught me many things, one being tolerance”.

My Mom and I filmed this in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey on November 27th, 2023. My Mom, Katie Biel shares her important and funny life stories with me, her daughter, Kylee Biel. Katie is 45 years old and Kylee...

Patricia Clark tells her granddaughter, Kayla Darrow, stories about horses from when she was younger.

In this interview, conducted in November 2023 in Waitsfield, Vermont, Kayla Darrow (16) interviews her grandmother Patricia Clark (78) about stories from when she was younger. Mrs. Clark tells her granddaughter about when she had horses and shares a story...

Senior Interview

This is a project between freshman and seniors. Freshman interview seniors

Well, Damn!

Michael Lewis (17) interviews his mother Teresa Lehman-Lewis (47) about her life growing up with 5 brothers and into the present as a single mom of 3 kids.

Me and my uncle

my uncle came over for Thanksgiving and I've never seen him or talked to him so I decided to interview him.

Saïda Kechacha partie deux

la fin de sa jeunesse, ses études, son arrivée en France.

Alyssa Czapla

today I interviewed Alyssa Czapla and she told me about her amazing story about her life!

Dad to daughter! 11/22/23

Today I asked my dad some questions that are very interesting and can’t wait for future generations to listen too!

interview with my mom, Lindalea

I interviewed my mom, Lindalea Ludwick, age 78. We talked about mothering, divorce, and changing expectations for women as well as what she hopes for her children and grandchildren.

Rosie Bolton and her grandmother Martha Bolton reflect on the past

In this interview, conducted in November 2023 in Chelsea, Alabama, Rosie Bolton (17) interviews her grandmother, Martha Bolton (71). They reflect on the past, share hopes for the future, and reminisce over the highs and the lows of a life...

AbbyLane and Claudia – Nov. 20, 2023

AbbyLane, a white 20-year-old college student, interviews Claudia, a 45-year-old immigrant from Brazil. They talk about her story, her traditions, and how her childhood and American experience was much different.

Mary Jedlicka /Anna Sorli

Mary Jedlicka (82), and Anna Sorli (16 in a couple days 17) participated in an interview on Thanksgiving 2023. working , friends and family were spoke about and it was very enjoyable!

The Night Before Christmas-Valparaiso, IN 2023

The first gathering for CHRISTMAS with Robert (75) and Lee Ann Stephan (73) (Nana and Grandad), Kristine (48) and Eric Martin (48), Bryan (46), Cole (12) and Reagan (10) Stephan. This is the first time that Bryan, Cole and Reagan...