Interviewing my mom
November 22, 2020 App Interview

We were talking about her past, my present, and the future.

Interview with Grandmother.

I had the opportunity to interview my 91 year old grandmother. Here is our conversation.

Thanksgiving interview

We were talking about how she is proud of her parents and many great things she said to her great great grandchildren and to me her son.

Having Integrity and Doing Good

We interview our math teacher about his life and personal experiences.

Mark Lukasiewicz

Chris Cox (37) talks with Mark Lukasiewicz (29) about his life experiences and the wisdom he would like to pass on to future generations.

Martha Winters Gilliland, November 2021, age 77

Martha Gilliland born in 1944 talks about her favorite memories of her life. From growing up in Lancaster County Pennsylvania to having children and growing older and wiser

An interview with my grandfather

My grandfather grew up in the bronx and had a special childhood while attending an all boys school. He has a lot of wisdom and I’m thankful for his willingness to participate in this interview

Grandma Helen Gettemy

A pre-thanksgiving conversation about life’s poignant moments

A Father, His Daughter, and the Choice to Start a Family as "an Act of Hope"

Jessica Kibblewhite grew up the daughter of an astronomer, Edward Kibblewhite. Among his inventions: a system that allows scientists to take clearer pictures of stars. When Jessica and her husband were having a hard time deciding whether to have a...

He Traded Single Life To Be Foster ‘Pop’ To More Than 50 Kids

Guy Bryant grew up surrounded by women who dedicated themselves to caring for children in their Brooklyn community. He then spent years working with foster teens as they made the transition to living on their own. But after three decades...

Interview with my Mom

I talked with my mom about a variety of things; mainly about the places she's traveled and what she learned from those experiences

Asking truthbombs of Creasbaum

An interview with Donald Creasbaum, a french teacher.

Talking With Ms.Woodard

A loving choir teacher talks with student on life,insight and wisdom that had carried her to where she is today.

Interview with Sa Bom Nim Ben Johnson
November 21, 2017 App Interview

Sa Bom Nim Ben Johnson talks about his career as a martial arts teacher and how it has influenced him.

Words of wisdom

Here are some words of wisdom by Josh my dad’s friend.

Extra credit interview

I just asked some questions about my mentors life. I learned some things in this interview that I didn’t even know.

Mohammad Ashraf Faridi & Muhammad Faridi

Mohammad Ashraf Faridi immigrated from Pakistan to the United States in the 1980s. He settled in New York City, and his family joined him almost a decade later. By then, Mohammad was earning a living driving a cab. At StoryCorps,...

Jadyn Edgar interviews her grandpa, Larry Blakley, about his life experiences.

In this interview, Jadyn Edgar interviews her grandpa, Larry Blakley, about his childhood, his military service and lessons he has learned over the years.

Freddie Sandipher and Victoria Sandipher

Freddie M. Sandipher (79) shares with her granddaughter, Victoria Sandipher (37), her thoughts about her legacy; raising her family, her career, and her great grandchildren.