Javier Rodriguez and his Grandmother Irene Nevarez Talk about her childhood in downtown Chicago.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Stickney, Illinois, Javy Rodriguez interviews his grandmother Irene Nevarez (59) about what it’s like to grow up in a Hispanic household in downtown Chicago, as she discusses important people in her life,...

My Person of Inspiration
December 9, 2022 App Interview

My name is Piper Hansen and I interviewed my mother, Meredith Morin, on her life — past and present — and her accomplishments.

A Casual Talk with Mrs. Chong

My mom and I have a casual conversation regarding the pandemic, her past, and me and my brother.

Kenji Muro school and work memories
July 31, 2022 App Interview

Moses Graubard, interviewer, 43 years old, interviewing his stepfather, Kenji Muro, 76 years old, about his memories of school and work.

Father and Daughter Discuss Family, Childhood, and Education

In this interview, we discussed our family, specifically my grandfather as well as my toddler years. We also talked about my father’s childhood and school years in India and how those shaped him into the person he is today.

Work is the key

The key to success is to stay longer and work harder

My step dads life and his stories

As a kid he spent time with his grandparents and were very close with them. He is very proud of his family and loves what he does.


Gerard Hobbs in an interview over his childhood, influences, and how he wants to be remembered

interview thanksgiving

Tim and Olivia, father and daughter, interviewer 16, discussed work and role models.

My grandpas life

Clint Gienger (67) talks to his grandaughter, Ali Thykeson (14) about his childhood and life after retirement.

Interview with Kimberley

We talked about her work, love & relationships, opinions on election, family, childhood memories, school, and self image


I am Jamie Raleigh (19) and I interviewed my mom, Brandi Raleigh (45). We talked about her job and different stories that came from working there.

Thanksgiving Interview

I asked about their life in school and I asked what life in their time was like.

“I proposed with a french fry at McDonald’s.”
September 29, 2018 App Interview

I interview my Dad about various times in his life, and what experiences he's had. Seriousness and hilarity ensues as my Mom joins as well. We talk about his childhood, how he met my mother, and his various jobs.