Interview with Grandma

I talked to my grandma, Valentina, and we talked about her happiest and hardest memories, a person who she’ll always remember and what that person taught her, and what she is proudest of in her life.

Marco Keller interviews Thomas Keller about his experience with the Cold War and his parents’ experience with WWII.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in San Marcos, Texas, Marco Keller (16) interviews his father Thomas Keller (51) about his experience with the Cold War. Thomas shares his views on the development of affairs during the Cold War,...

Interview with Catherine Long

Me and Catherine Long sit down and discuss life as the daughter of a rail road worker and facing the adversity of helping her husband fight through MS.

Grammy’s Interview (SEG #2)

My grandmother and I discuss the effects that World War II had on her husband and family life.

The Deschâtres Family Through The Eyes Of Jean Deschâtres: WWII And Beyond

Jean Octave Gabriel Deschâtres (business name: Jean Phillipe) begins by reflecting on his parents’ meeting and circumstances surrounding his birth in France. He moves on to outline a few of his father’s specific experiences during WWII, then discusses how those...

Radarettes: PhilCo during WWII

The Radarettes were a unique cohort of women trained as electrical engineers during World War II.

What happened in France (Alsace) during WWII (French) Part.1

Basically my grandma from the side of my mother talking about how it was to live through WWII

Ken Smith: Stories from America’s Occupation of Germany

A discussion of my grandfather’s experience in Germany circa the 1950s during the post-WWII American occupation

Nazi watches, German wine, and American music in WWII: a soldier's story

Bernard Ham of Portsmouth, Virginia speaks of his time in the Second World War. His stories include why he wears a Nazi officer's watch, the fortuitous reunion with a brother on the streets of Paris, and how he found his...

My 261 Days in Combat Recorded by P.F.C. Kenneth Gorman for his granddaughter.

When I was 21 I asked my grandfather to speak to my classroom about his time in WWII. He said no. It was the first time he said no to me in my life. A few weeks later he sent...

Haley Planicka interviews Jack Malone on life, lessons, and growing up

In this interview, conducted on November 2015 in Villa Hills, KY, Haley Planicka (14) interviews her grandpa Jack Malone (76) about what it was like growing up, how he found his career path, and lessons he's learned on the way....

Conversations with Brownie

Elliot talks about life as a young boy in Tacoma Washington during WWII in a family of 8 children

The Bravest Woman I Know: My Bestemor

She grew up in occupied Norway, moved to America with two kids under the age of four, a dog, and their life savings of $200. She didn't speak the language but she just went with the flow. This is how...

English literature extra credit

This interview view was between me and my grandmother born in the 1930’s. I got to learn more about her childhood and adult life.