9,641 km, 2 continents, 1 lifetime, 0 defeats.

Growing up before WWII and falling in love were the easiest parts of Vera’s life, but she encountered more hurdles along her way. On November 21, 2017, in Los Angeles, CA, Vera Volfson shares her story with her great-granddaughter Dara...

WWII as a Child

Talking with my neighbor about her experiences growing up in Michigan during WWII, touching on the roles she and her family played in the war effort.

Marianna Schantz and her grandmother Betty

Marianna interviews her grandmother about her past life with family traditions, World War II, and others

Tammy Randall tells about her family and her life growing up

This interview was taken in Gastonia, North Carolina on November 26, 2017. Jessica Randall interviewed her mother Tammy Randall. They discussed Tammy’s life growing up and her family. They also talked about her career and her happiest memories.


A US Air Force member wants revenge on the Nazis that killed his parents

Interview with great grandpa

The interview turned out to be great. I learned a lot about him like how he wasn’t afraid of anything during his service in the milatary. He had no regrets and he enjoyed his family and wife. The most important...

Nanny 21 May 2019

My great aunt Nanny, adopted by my grandfather’s family during WWII, shares her thoughts and memories about that time and her life.

Hanging with Pop on a Saturday evening!

We chatted about life in the 1930’s from childhood memories of schooldays, ballfields and old radio shows, onto the declaration of war over the airwaves on Dec. 8th,1941. Memories of Grandpa and his athleticism and meeting Grandma at Stiehl’s..

Immagration Project

We talked about the various topics that involved his life and world war.

Reflecting on the past 96 years.

This is an interview with my Grandma, Yolanda Costa, on her 96th birthday. She grew up in Greenpoint, New York. She was one of 11 children in a large Catholic family. She was married to her husband, Joseph Costa for...