Ed Setzler

Ed Setzler [no age given] talks about his grandfather, Leonard Bugay, who served with distinction in World War II, earning the rank of First Lieutenant by the end. From basic training to managing a German Prisoner of War Camp, Bugay...

Tammy Randall tells about her family and her life growing up

This interview was taken in Gastonia, North Carolina on November 26, 2017. Jessica Randall interviewed her mother Tammy Randall. They discussed Tammy's life growing up and her family. They also talked about her career and her happiest memories.

WWII in Greece

My grandfather described his family’s experience during WWII

Great Grandparent’s Courtship w/ Their Daughter

My great-aunt, my mom’s mom’s sister, Malica Coil tells the story of how her parents, Gilda Jean Brunet and Curtis Joseph Brunet, met during WWII and then of her early childhood.

Family of Italian immigrants migrate to America, serve for our country, and start a financial business.

This interview was recorded on November 30, 2019 in Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States. The interview was between Sophia Curcio, 13 years old, and Richard Curcio, 72 years old. Sophia is Richard’s granddaughter on his youngest son’s side. This...

LHP WWII – Grandma P2

Living History project with my grandma talking about stories she has from the war

Interview with Pau Pau

I am interviewing my grandmother about her life growing up in China

Joan Mickle, reflecting on growing up in Liverpool during WWII.

Joan Mickle was born in Liverpool, England, before WWII and lived there through the war. Later, she moved to the US and now lives in Ross, CA. She has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Interviewing Mrs. Valerie Lynd

Discussing her childhood in WWII era England and living around the world.

Marianna Schantz and her grandmother Betty

Marianna interviews her grandmother about her past life with family traditions, World War II, and others

Nancy Hickey talks about her childhood growing up in the 30s

In this interview Lily Casey talks with great grandmother, Nancy Hickey about growing up. It takes place in Croghan NY on November 26, 2020. She discusses her jobs as a teenager and what it was like growing up during ww2.

Immagration Project

We talked about the various topics that involved his life and world war.

My short interview with Grandpa Art Fitzner

We talked of many parts of his life, with a surprise visit from granddaughter Emily. Also some great singing!

Dancing in the Sky: Remembering Dolores Meurer Reed, WASP

Dolores Meurer Reed broke all the “rules” about what a woman could do and be when she joined the Women’s Air Service Pilots (WASPs) in 1943. Just one year before her death, Dolores and her sister WASPs, received the Congressional...

A Hero’s Tale
November 26, 2017 App Interview

Captain James Kirk spoke to me about his childhood, his time in the military, and how being a prisoner of war shaped his life.

WW2 history

Interviewed my grandma who's husband fought in WW2.

Grandpa Perisin’s Interview

We talked about his whole life, from his service, captivity in war, meeting his wife, and the role of religion in his life.

"We were sisters, opposites in behavior, but we never argued"

This interview was conducted by Julia Sweeny (16). She talks with her nana (grandmother) and her sister (grand aunt) they discussed many components to personal childhood, parenthood, and now life. This interview includes many stories from childhood of growing up...