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Recording – 02-08-2024 10:16:11

Caroline Anderson interviews Sara hayer about her experience at Fairbanks High School.

Senior Interview

School interview from freshmen to senior

Charles Patrick senior Interview

Jacob Williams (14) and Nathan Allen (14) interview Charles Patrick (18) and attempt to draw out his experience as being a student at Fairbanks High School.

Senior Interview – Evan, Evelyn, Claudia

An interview about Claudia’s experience in high school and advice for freshmen.

Freshmen and senior interview- Kohn and Luellen

Interview about Aiden Luellen’s time at Fairbanks High school, interviewed by Jayden Kohn.

senior interveiw

This is a project between the freshman and seniors, the freshman interview the seniors and ask about their school experience.

Senior Interview-Carson Shope and Kale Rausch

This is an interview of senior, Derek Shaw, and his experiences at Fairbanks.

Noah Fonner’s Fairbanks Experience
February 8, 2024 App Interview

This interview was about different aspects of Noah’s school experience.