The Land Down Under

Halie’s life needed a change in scenery so she decided to leave the U.S and head for the land down under in hopes to find herself.

What is faith to Benny

Benny explains his relationship with Christ and what he would pass along to his children.

Bekah’s life

This interview is about Bekah’s life and what she did.

My dads life

My dad and I talk about his life back then, his proposal and whether life is better or worse.


This experience was very amazing to see how my aunt and uncle had gotten together how they felt there experiences have impacted them etc.

I was addicted to the color pink

what we talk about was Melanie life and how she LOVED pink


My mom and I talked about mainly 3 things , what important lessons she learned and what led her to learned those lessons and also what she’s never got a chance to tell me . It was a very eye...

Maria Interviews Talia

Maria interviews Talia about her life

My Moms Interview

She talked about what her favorite moments of her life was.

My Pop and Me

I am interviewing my grandfather because I don't know that much about him.

Interview with Grandma Mary

We talked about what it was like growing up with the effects of the depression.

Interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom and her questions about her life as a kid and her life when she met my dad.

2017 military interview with father

My father, David Hyatt talks about his childhood and military life