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A little bit about Carlos.

I took the time to know Carlos a little bit more through this interview

Papa: StoryCorps

Interview with papa (my step-grandfather on my dad’s side) about his life journey and story. (Recorded on zoom)!

Peer interview
September 24, 2018 App Interview

Interview with miali who is my friend. She discusses the most difficult time in her life.

Saikumar Shankaiahgari talking about his childhood, life, and experiences.

In this interview, Saikumar Shankaiahgari reminisces about his childhood and also talks about his present life. He talks about his influences, his school, holidays, and many more.

sway yoko and her grandmother bernadet hall talk about life in japan

In this interview, conducted in november 2021 in albuquerque, New Mexico, sway yoko(16) interviews her grandmother bernadet hall(56) about life in japan. Bernadet hall tells a story about the war and her transportation to america as an orphan.

Me, myself, and I

I told my story and how I feel about to questions that were being asked.

The life of Generations!!!

With in this interview I asked my grandmal(Nina) questions about her life as a child and how she grew up. The things she would change in her life if any. The biggest struggles in her life. Our ancestry and where...

Get to know Tyler Nash

Hear a little more about Tyler Nash’s and the values he shares

Interview of mommy

The interview is mostly about me getting to know my mom a little better

The past of a teacher

This story is about a teacher who had to go through so many hard things to be the person she is today.