Lessons from my dad

Life and living also fulfilling your dreams

Bekah’s life

This interview is about Bekah’s life and what she did.


My mom and I talked about mainly 3 things , what important lessons she learned and what led her to learned those lessons and also what she’s never got a chance to tell me . It was a very eye...

My amazing mom!!

I asked my mom about her child hood, and a little bit about mine.

November 30, 2018 App Interview

talked about her values and life.

I was addicted to the color pink

what we talk about was Melanie life and how she LOVED pink

Interview with Grandma Mary

We talked about what it was like growing up with the effects of the depression.

Saikumar Shankaiahgari talking about his childhood, life, and experiences.

In this interview, Saikumar Shankaiahgari reminisces about his childhood and also talks about his present life. He talks about his influences, his school, holidays, and many more.

A Glimpse into My Grandma Vickie’s Life

This is an interview between my grandma Vickie and I. We’ve always been close but this just helped me to learn more about her than I could imagine.

Interviewing my mom

Kerry Kinsloe is my mom and she talked about her childhood and where she is today. I learned more about where and how she grew up as a kid.

The Land Down Under

Halie’s life needed a change in scenery so she decided to leave the U.S and head for the land down under in hopes to find herself.

The life of Generations!!!

With in this interview I asked my grandmal(Nina) questions about her life as a child and how she grew up. The things she would change in her life if any. The biggest struggles in her life. Our ancestry and where...

My Pop and Me

I am interviewing my grandfather because I don’t know that much about him.

2017 military interview with father

My father, David Hyatt talks about his childhood and military life

Lisa Cruz and her daughter Layla Rivera talk about her past and future growing up in Chicago,Illinios

In this interview, confucted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinios, Layla Rivera(15)interviews her mother Lisa Cruz(42) about her childhood in a rough journey. Ms.Cruz describes her struggles and experinces growing up in a ruff neighborhood of Chicago. She talks about...