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Shanie Etzion interviewing Yoav Etzion. He is 48 years old and is my dad. We talked about parenthood.

Recording – 12-19-2023 21:58:43

This interview focused on the growing life of Maya who is 15 and how she dealt with friendships over the years. Especially with covid it was quite and experience.

Life as a College Student

Hannah Williams, is an 18 year old student at TCC. She is one of my classmates. This interview covers some topics that include: college experience, career choices, and personal life.

Recording – 11-26-2023 15:29:24

My name is Beckett Swoll, I am 16 years old and in this recording I interview my oldest brother who is 21 years old and his name is Blake Swoll.

Mom interview

I asked my mom some ice breaker questions to give others a brief skim through of her life and what it was like and the things she went through/ experienced. I wasn’t aware of some of the responses she had.

service learning interview

Miraya Gomez my sister and we talked about her experiences in life.

Becky and Don Russell

This is the story of Becky and Don Russell growing up in Texas in the 60’s. They are both 70 years old and fell in love. We talked about life and the lessons you can learn.

Kennice and Nico 12-04-23

The person I interviewed is Nico, one of the close friends I made here in college. In the interview we discussed how being raised in another country influenced his life and has led him up to this moment.

Recording – 01-07-2024 14:54:47

I interviewed my mom about her life and to get to know herself a little more. My mom Michelle Enriquez is 56 and provides so much for our family.

Podcast with Ben DeStefon

The person who I interviewed was my buddy Ben and we have a lot of good shared experiences through pledship and just hanging out with him a lot. We talked about some of his most memorable moments and experiences back...

Interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom that is 35 years old and she is the most important person in my life. The interview focuses of family and past experiences.

My dad

This interview consist of an in-depth conversation about my dad’s life passed in his views on personal issues.

Recording – 12-06-2023 19:26:50

Tyla Johnson (18) interviewed her friend Anna Jacobs (21). The topics discussed were family, growing up, and advice.

interview with grandma.

I interviewed my grandma, her name is Carol przybila. she is 73 years old. my name is Hunter przybilla, and I am 15 years old. we talked about where she grew up and what it was like. Also, I asked...

Love has no boundaries- 12-17-2023 18:05:39

Gavin Felix Interviewing Joe and Diana Felix about interracial relationships and getting an answers from the both of them about the topic as they are in an interracial relationship

Recording – 11-28-2023 19:52:23

45 year old Indian immigrant from the early 2000s discuss their childhood activities to pass time in an era without technology and discusses the pros and new perspectives if arranged marriage.

Interview by Sierra Gill

This interview is of Sierra Gill interviewing her father Sam Gill about his work experience.