Feben Girma reflecting on Covid's impact.

Feben Girma discussed her experience as the daughter of a frontline worker, and the ways her life was shifted by Covid-19. She also noted what she is looking forward as we move towards normal.

Esther Moon and Byung Chul Moon

In this interview we talked about our past and what we hope for in the future.

Interview with Mom

We talked about her experiences growing up and what was life for her at the moment

Grandma’s Story

We talked about my grandma's past history with her life, my dad, her husband, and me. It was a great and emotional interview for both me and her

Stephanie Corales and Miguel Corales Lira

Miguel Corales Lira is a loving and fun grandfather to Stephanie Corales. Though just recently meeting him, Stephanie absolutely loves her grandfather and he is always able to bring a smile to her face.

Getting to know my Mom

So ask your questions about her childhood and how her experience of everything that she's been through I shaped her and positive or negative way this person and what I mean to her and what she never got to tell...

Interview with Opa
November 25, 2018 App Interview

We had a good talk together and laughed and talked about him as a child my dad as a child and about my opa's military life as well. Opa is German for "grandad." My dad was born in Germany when...

Patty Devery and Amy Tardif

Patty Devery (37) talks with her coworker Amy Tardif (54) about their lives in New York and Chicago and how they have been affected by the COVID-19 shelter in place orders.

Friend interview

In this interview, we talked about personal issues. We talked about what would happen if we never met. And what happens when we see people struggling with life.

Rodriguez,Sergio being interviewed:My dads past

I have interviewed my father about how how his life before and in the present.Its not everyday you leave some time to do really ask how was your past.

My Interview with Mercedes

Awesome interview, we talked about her breast cancer, her transition from Mexico to the states, and her life now.

Storytime with Mom

We talked about her past, present, and hopeful future. What impacted her then and what legacy she hopes to leave behind.

The person who made me who I am today #FaridiMorton2017

Interviewed my mom on her life and how it changed when I came to the picture. She spoke about her grandparents and how hard it was growing up.