Storytime with Mom

We talked about her past, present, and hopeful future. What impacted her then and what legacy she hopes to leave behind.

interview with my mother ❤

interviewing my mom was very emotional and amazing. we talked about the past mostly

Growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina
January 13, 2023 App Interview

John Hobgood asks his mother, Nancy Packard Hobgood about growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina. living downtown versus living “out of town” in the suburbs.

Freshman Nadia Sinaph Interviews Muslim Scholar Shaykh Burhan Fili About His Journey

Nadia Sinaph, a freshman at Canton High School, interviews close family friend and scholar Shaykh Burhan Fili about his life experiences. Shaykh Burhan escaped from a communist Albania in the 1970s and made it to the United States later on....

Mary Hamblet on the 60s

Here me and my grandma talk about the 60s and her life experience during the time.

Living History Project WWWII Mia Costello

This is an interview with my grandpa about the effects of WWII on his life growing up in that time.

“I was known as Chester’s dark-skinned boy”

On March 4, 91 year old Dusty Rhodes, combat veteran, and NAACP member spoke about his life experiences from the balcony he loves to relax on at the Legacy at Cimarron Retirement Center. Here, he discusses his experience being his...

Korean War War Veteran Interview (1960s)

Aiden J. Cope is 16 years old and the great-grandson of Harry H. McClintic who is 91 years old and the great-grandpa of Aiden. Topics discussed were Harry’s Life Experiences, the Vietnam War, the Moon Landing, the Korean War, JFK,...

Most hurtful/Meaningful thing someone has said to you?

I interview my best friends and her experiences in conversation.

Grandpa’s life

My name is Tommy Rich, I am in eighth grade, and I was joined by my grandfather Bradford Rich where he talked about his life. He talked particularly about his various jobs as a lawyer that brought him through the...

Interviewing my Grandparents

Today I interviewed my grandparents, Lawrence Arena and Carolyn Arena. They’re married and have lived a long and happy life and I talked to them about that life and the impact they want to have had on the world around...

Interviewing Mom

Mom is 50 years old, and we talked about lots of things that have happened to her in the past.

A Teachers Journey and Struggles of Being a Single Mom

Tessa Marshall(15) discusses with her mom Denise Marshall(48) about how Denise’s childhood and inspiring people she met along the way shaped who she is today. She touches on the struggles of being a single mom and how she wouldn’t have...


The participants in this interview was Jessica Woolsey(15) and her mother Janet Woolsey. We talked about childhood and what it was like for Janet.

Autumn’s Women’s History Interview

My name is Autumn Williams and I interviewed my grandma Margaret Bradbury.

The War On Terror

Interviewee: Allison Lippert (50 yrs) Person interviewing: Sophie Lippert (17) In this interview, I discussed the events that took place on September 11, 2001. I went into depth on how and why this happened, what it caused, and how my...