Son interviews mom about her foreign exchange student life.

Graham Roe interviews his mom, Cecilia Roe about her life as a foreign exchange student. Cecilia Roe states that she is very proud and happy that she was able to have the chance to become a foreign exchange student. Cecilia...

Thanksgiving with Grandma

I, Hannah McDaniel (21) is interviewing my grandma, Nelda McDaniel (84) over life experiences, memories gained and a few lessons that she learned.

Growing Up Asian American

Jade is interviewing her 14 year old brother, Pau Khual, about his experience growing up as an Asian American.

Thanksgiving Generosity

Matt Foley tells a story about being shown kindness on Thanksgiving when he needed it the most. Being shown generosity by someone who he didn’t know and will forever have this pleasant memory.

my interview with my mom

this is a interview with my mom for history class, hope you enjoy!


My mom, 37 years old, she’s married to my stepdad and has 2 kids. Overall this was about life accomplishments like growing up, goals, what if things were different, raising me, etc

Service Learning Project

I decided to make this interview to my mom because she is the person that inspire my life and her story as a single mom and strong woman could inspire other lives.

Woods, Kaylee

Kaylee woods, 14 interviews Yusra, 15 about role models and goals.

About His experience

In this record his talking about his experience. He really loves his family. He’s 20 years old.


The conversation was between me and my two older brothers, Lopaka(28) and Logan(25). We discuss a variety of topics but it mainly revolves around stories from when we were younger, and also some more recent stories. As well as deeper...


Bryan is proud of many things he’s done and things that are coming his way. He hopes to overcome everything and turn out successful at the end.

Caroline’s Family Heritage

This is an interview done by Caroline, age 10. She is interviewing her great grandmother, age 91.

Fairbanks senior-Hailey Dee

A interview of a Fairbanks senior about her time in Fairbanks.

Recording – 11-26-2023 20:54:20

My name is Natalia Lupu and I am 14 years old, and today I interviewed my mom Felicia Lupu who is 51 years old. I thought that interviewing my mom would be both inspiring and a piece of learning to...

Unit Project 3

In this interview, I interview my friend about her COVID-19 experiences, and how the pandemic affected her life as a college student and part-time worker.

Pandemic interview

I talked to someone about how the pandemic has changed them

Virginia Eickholt interviewing her Grandmother Joan Rayl

This is an interview between myself, Virginia, and my grandmother, Joan. We are interviewing from her hometown of Decatur, Alabama over Thanksgiving break. We discuss everything from childhood, to advice, to regrets.