Angeline "Dolly" (Crocetto) Gagain

My 85-year-old grandmother Angeline "Dolly" (Crocetto) Gagain met her husband (my grandfather) Raymond John Gagain in Waterbury, Connecticut when they were 14 years old. They spent their entire lives together until my grandfather died in 1990. His death was a...

Coronavirus interview

Overall, this is an extreme experience that we are all going through but we still have a lot to be thankful for. There are many people that are not as blessed as we are and we have to help out...

Storytime with Mom

We talked about her past, present, and hopeful future. What impacted her then and what legacy she hopes to leave behind.

Growing Up & School

I talked with my roommate who is Korean about growing up & school. Then I could know a lot of Korean cultures and people.

My papa interview

We mostly talked about what he thinks about me and the family.

Grace Yang interviews her neighbor Patti about her childhood (GTL 2018 Rollet)

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2018 in Fairfax Virginia, Grace Yang interviews her neighbor Patti Burke about her childhood. Mrs. Burke shares stories about her life as a military child and about her family. At the end of...

The person who made me who I am today #FaridiMorton2017

Interviewed my mom on her life and how it changed when I came to the picture. She spoke about her grandparents and how hard it was growing up.

Let’s talk

We talked about how we really felt about each other

All About Him

Its about cyrille life. Its also about what can be better in this world.

interview with my mother ❤

interviewing my mom was very emotional and amazing. we talked about the past mostly

Kati Frazier and Angie Frazier

Kati Frazier (34) and her mother, Angie, discuss her grandmother and learn how to use StoryCorps Connect.

Rodriguez,Sergio being interviewed:My dads past

I have interviewed my father about how how his life before and in the present.Its not everyday you leave some time to do really ask how was your past.

Interview with Opa
November 25, 2018 App Interview

We had a good talk together and laughed and talked about him as a child my dad as a child and about my opa's military life as well. Opa is German for "grandad." My dad was born in Germany when...