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Interviewing my dad

His story tells of a life experience that changed his view of the world.

interview with David Carré

David carré went through alot and been to so many places but he had an amazing time even though sometimes he didn't like the situation he was in.

Justin Manolio’s Interview

Talked about what we thought of each other and some influences that have happened in our lives

Interviewing my grandpa

It talking about my grandpas culture and about his life as a kid and about his parents

Suzie Manzo 11/27

So we talked about my moms life and I had asked her questions that I didn’t really know or ask her before.


She is my bff and we BECOME bff i was 9 years old and she was 12 😢 and she die because of this.....

mom interview 2

second interview of mom, more questions

The Life and times of Rich Patragnoni.

Interview with Rich Patragnoni on nov 29, 2020. We discuss what life was like for him when he was younger and recap the memories of his life.

Personal history interview

The thing that was talked about was how my cousin made a big impact on my life, and how they’re so important.

My history teacher: Mr. Rhoades.

We discuss mr rhoads’s childhood and person he most grateful for