Pathway from a lifestyle in a 3rd world country to the USA

This interview was about how a foreign student from Pakistan came to the USA to create a better future. From this interview people can acquire information of how fortunate people living in America are and how people need to focus...

My grandpa’s story about living through the depression and overcoming hardships.

In this interview, conducted on November 30, 2017, in Arab, Alabama, Adrianne Smith (16) interviews her grandfather James Hendrix (81) about what life was like in 1930s Fayette, Alabama. He talks about how he lived through the depression and how...

Our Paternal Uncles: Ed, Leon & Milton Wynn

This is an interview about our paternal uncles; Ed, Leon and Milton Wynn. It includes their military history and a little about their respective families. Ed was the oldest and lived his adult life in Texas and in Hawaii. He...

Speech Class Assignment

This interview consisted of memories and reflections with on of my close friends.

Grandma Thanksgiving interview
November 26, 2017 App Interview

A little bit about my grandma’s history even things I didn’t know.

Wynn-Frame Interview, Our Paternal Grandparents

This interview is about our collective memories of our paternal grand parents, William and Rosa Wynn. As far as we know, they lived their entire adult lives in Huntsville and in the Huntsville area. William passed away when we were...


This is an interview between my mom and I describing some events from her life.

Moms interview

when taking this interview we had just put the christmas tree and added every ugly ornament we owned and ate my favorite food chicken casserole

Keyonna Williams and Herman Lemons

Keyonna Williams: 2020-11-28 22:18:24.... Keyonna Williams (15) talks with her stepdad, Hermon (42) about life, illness, and God.

Part 1 of the interview with my Father

Today I interview my Dad, Ryan Rancher, about what we believe is the most important personality trait a person can have in today’s society

Thanksgiving Interview – Clare Drebitko (Mom)

Memories from my mother’s childhood as well as lessons learned from mentors, and family members.

StudyCorps Speech Assignment

We talked about family life, personal interests, and favorite memories throughout the years.


we talked about growing up and just life in general

An interview with Joseph Norman guy!

Get to know Joseph Norman Guy, my grandpa by listening to some of the following questions!

Maria Humphrey and her traditions and choices

In this interview, conducted on November 11, 2020, in Atlanta, Georgia, Amelia Humphrey (18) interviews her mother Maria Humphrey (48) about her childhood and experiences. Maria discusses the traditions and experiences that made her who she is today. She also...

Interview with my Mom, Emily McKinney.

This was my first StoryCorps interview. I sat down with my mom as we were celebrating Thanksgiving in 2015. I had just celebrated my 36 birthday. I love my mom and this is a great memory for us both!

The Odd Case of Hallet Green

We talked about growing up/life in Mobile, the life of tennis growing up, what values to hold on to and college here at BSC. A true gem for future generations.

Rudy McMurray and his granddaughter Collins McMurray talk about his life and memories in Birmingham, Alabama

In this interview, Collins McMurray (16), talked to her grandfather, Rudy McMurray (86), about his life and memories. They talked about his childhood, parents, and grandparents. They also discussed his military service and memories of training. He discloses his opinions...

Steven Akins, Dolphus Putman, , , and

1993 interview of Dolphus Lawrence Putman, the son of an Alabama coal miner who was killed in a mining accident in 1927, relating to his growing up as one of 8 children being raised by a single mother during the...

The Machine

Jackson Yassin Interviews his mother about her experiences growing up in the south and gives her opinion on how the future of the United States

Getting to know my mom

In this interview we talked about my mom's life and her regrets and memories!