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Recording – 08-22-2023 12:22:31

Alyssa is a peer in most of my classes since sophomore year, and I’d consider her an Aqua instance before the video. This interview helped understand more of her interests, morals, and mindset.

Get To Know The Person

interviewing people from school. Jmar. animo Jackie Robinson. high school.


In this interview we talked about family and goals and things shanelle wanted to be remembered as. I got to know shanelle better and her beliefs and what she thinks. It open a different perspective.


Ask my friend Susana questions about her life, goals, and dreams.

Betzy Damian

The person i interviewed is 17 years old and is names Betzy Damian. We discussed many things about her personality and some personal questions.

kenaiya mccarthy

kaniya mccarthy , friend and classmate ,17 year old