Karen Ann Early

My name is Matthew Early and I was interview my mother Karen Early.

Interviewing my friend
February 15, 2024 App Interview

I interviewed my friend Johnny who is a friend of mine. In the interview I asked him many questions about life, school, etc. In the end we still have some time left over so he decided to ask me some...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

I interviewed my grandma Silma Pereira, who grew up in Brazil and what her life was like there.

Sisters Talk Together!

Listen in on me and my sister as we talk about some things and life! Kenady (15) and Ciara (18) are sisters who will say whatever on mind! This was our first time talking but it was fun!

Interview with Margarita.

Margarita talks about her life and her troubles and ways she improved. She also talks about her job.

interviewing to find the wisdom and story of someone younger than me (my son)

A father interviews his son to find out hidden wisdom and uncover forgotten and unspoken happy memories, from a native Spanish speaker to his English and Spanish speaking son.

Recording – 12-06-2023 20:18:44

Today I interviewed my mom about her childhood and how it effected her.

Joshua Kane Interviews Madison Medlin

21-year-old Joshua Kane interviews Madison Medlin who is also 21. He asked questions about her major and what Madison wants to be when she graduates.

Alin vazquez and my sister, Nicollet. – 12-07-2023 19:22:51

Today I was grateful to interview my lovely eleven year old sister, Nicollet. Her unique personality gave out inspiring words and astonishing examples. Three very important questions she was interviewed about was , “Can you describe one of your happiest...

Madison Estrada and Pamela Smith

Madison Estrada: 2020-11-25 21:30:23 Pamela Smith (67) talks with her granddaughter about her different life stories of what it was like growing up as a kid but also how others had affected her life.

Interview with Dad

My name is Nathan Warnock, I am 14 years old and I I talked to my father, Peter Warnock, who is 45, about his life story, some of his favorite memories, and his proudest moments.

Debra interview

The interviewer is Lily Oakley age 18. The one being interviewed is Debra Oakley age 50 and is a mother of 3. We discussed Debra’s experience as a mother.

interview aunt

I interview my aunt about her life and the experiences that she has been through. she talks about her happiest moments and many other things. I am able to learn more about her

Karen A Early

A fun and interesting interview with my mother Karen A Early

Liuhan Ke
December 15, 2022 App Interview

We were introduced ourselves, and we talked a little bit about the nickname of Liuhan.