Interview with Grandma Carol

November 25th 2018, I interviewed my grandma. Even though she didn’t want to do it, she allowed me!

Efren Pinon and Glenda Angulo

Efren talks about some of his meaningful social connections.

Interview about school stuff related and anything

So basically I ask Alex about school related stuff and asked him anything about his life

A conversation with Janet Hammang in Dec 2014. She passed away this morning (May 11, 2017) at the age of 102.

This conversation bounces around. I placed a recorder on the table and pushed play. It's incredible how sharp Janet was at 100 years old. Truly incredible. I know her mind started to get a bit lost in the final years:...

Something to hold onto

In life we always look for someone to go to, when that someone is already there.

The Great Listen

In this interview I talk to my grandpa about his military life, careers, my parents, and some fun stories along the way.

Ann’s life

My mom talked about the dumbest thing she did and who her favorite child was and how her personality was when she was a child

Mary Caravalho and Christy Hightower

Mary Caravalho's mother died young of cancer and Mary honored her mother by taking on her mother's role of staying in touch with her cousin Judy throughout Judy's life. Now Mary honors her cousin Judy by uncovering and telling the...

Interview with mom

We discussed about her childhood, painfull moments in her life and who she admired

Interview With Heather Wolfsandle

I interviewed my mom who went to Chaparral years ago. She explained her experiences during high school and discussed similarities and differences between high school at Chaparral in the early 90’s versus today.

Humanities 195 (Fall 2019)

Why did you choose NAU? Why is college important to you?

Linda’s story ( my wonderful host mom)

This interview summaries the the earliest memories of my beloved host mom and a message to her love ones

The Cat is Staring At Us Angrily

We talk about happiness, the importance of telling people you love them, and what Danny would say to their teenage self.

Interview with my older brother

I learned some new things from my brother and got to open up a new kind of conversation with him

Kenneth "Yaya" Kimura: childhood interned

My grandfather Ken, who I call "yaya", talks about his childhood in the Poston Japanese internment camp. He speaks about his career in commercial art and how he met my grandmother, whose maiden name was Lynne Swisher.

Mom (childhood)

My mom talked about her childhood and moments in life.

Klein Family History: Bob and Sally Klein Part IV

My fourth recording session with my grandparents, Bob and Sally Klein, discussing their hopes for our family's future, what they would like to tell their future grandchildren, and the role religion and the Catholic Church has played in their lives...

Half German and a Quarter Hispanic

My husband talks about his grandparents and parents and how their culture has influenced his own personal culture.

Mark and Dylan Meldrum

Talked about life, hardships that my Dad has had to deal with, and the happy moments in life.

Klein Family History: Bob and Sally Klein Part I

My first recording session with my grandparents, Bob and Sally Klein, discussing their childhoods, their youths, and what their lives were like growing up.

Sawyer Webb (16) interviews his grandmother, Michele Leonhart (72), to talk about her favorite everything’s.

This interview features Sawyer Webb (16) interviewing his grandmother, Michele Leonhart (72) in Tucson on November 28. The interview centers around her past and favorites of many things. The discussion turns to how these events and experiences have shaped her...