Moving from Brooklyn to a new home and school during the pandemic

When Brooklyn and NYC were closing down and in quarantine tough decisions for the family needed to be made. Beth and family uprooted and thought about what was best for their children.

Living With DACA

I am interviewing my brother, he was brought to the United States at only 2 years old. We are sharing his journey throughout what it was like growing up an immigrant.

First Day of School

First day back in school, specifically college. Nerve racking on the first day but towards the end of the day and onward she was very much more relaxed with where was was in. She hopes to graduate on time in...

Oral History Project Interview

Sandra talks about the immigration process and how her life changed when she arrived to the United States from Honduras.

Nana’s story

Nana’s beautiful story from an orphan to being married to her husband suffering from being an alcoholic to now being a great grandmother. It was recorded in a hospital on Easter after a heart issue. I love you nana

11/21/18- Ann Bikales

My grandma, Ann Bikales (Gammie), age 80, discusses what her life was like as a child, as well as her goals in life and when and how she reached them.

First day of school for Jabri

He talked about all the things he did the first day of school


This interview is to get to know what’s in my partners head about the world and the people around him.

Great Uncle Joe, 90 and Full of Life

My Great Uncle Joe: "I've had a gorgeous life." After the interview, he kept going. Looking at a 60" TV, he said the first TV he bought his father-in-law was a console with a 7" screen that received a single...

School years 1935 – 1948

We talked about Martin’s school days in Brooklyn NY from 1935 to 1948.


Interview with my dad reflecting on his greatest influences, professional and person life experiences and importance of changing and leaving a positive mark on the world.

Daniel Wolf and his grandma Sheila Goldfarb discuss Sheila’s interesting and eventful life

This interview took place on November 24, 2017 in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The interviewer is Daniel Wolf, who is interviewing his grandma, Sheila Goldfarb. The interview talks about Sheila's childhood, teen years, adult life, having children, and her eventual...

Joe Bizzell and Kerry Altman

One Small Step partners Joe Bizzell (58) and Kerry Altman (71) share their views on political polarization and the lessons they learned from their parents.